Diet for a non active body?

Hi Guys, does anyone know of a diet I can try, that doesn’t say you must exercise, as well as cut down on you food intake. I’m in a wheelchair so physically I can’t run a marathon to lose weight. I’m on a strict food intake but don’t seem to be losing weight. I lost 2 stone when I first started in January, but since April no further lose. I’m on a zero carbrodidrate and sugar intake, but my weight lose stopped in April, I’ve been the same weight since then, even though I have religious stuck to the diet. Can anyone help or suggest something, I need disparately to lose weight, as I’m at the top weight limit for my stair lift, and I can’t do without that. So please help. Deborah

I wish knew the answer Deborah!

Have you asked your MS nurse to refer you to a nutritionist?

Please let us all know if you find a solution!

take care,

Nina x

Hello AL.

Somewhere in the swirling fog of my transient brain, I have some recollection of touching on this before. I’m currently doing a strict diet with some success. I’m intending to lose two stone then try for more if I manage that.

On the occasions of previous diets, I’ve always hit a wall where the weight just refuses to budge. Then I tend to change the actual diet. It would be very interesting to talk to a nutritionist about this because It’s quite a grey area for me. I’ve no idea how much the diet should change??? I’ve used acai berry serum as some way of increasing my metabolism-no idea if it’s worked, but it might be an idea.

Anyway, it’s always worth discussing. I hope I’ve been some help.

Best wishes, Steve.


I keep saying I need to loose weight but then don’t do anything about it. I used to use weights but I only look at them now. I can see them from here but can’t get up out of bed to get them. Tomorrow when I go downstairs I will forget all about using them and when I get back in bed I will look at them and think oh well I’ll do that tomorrow, it’s the continuous story of my in inability to loose weight.


I wish I knew the answer AL. Like you, I cut down on food last year and lost a stone. Since then I haven’t been able to lose so much as a pound.

Nina’s suggestion of seeing a nutritionist sounds good.

Also someone on here lost quite a bit of weight by joining Slimmers World.

There’s so much info about how to lose weight with diet and exercise but nobody seems to have advice for people who can’t exercise… and then sometimes you hear nasty comments about people in wheelchairs and on mob-scooters being fat… doesn’t anyone ask themselves why? The answer is simple!

Good luck. Let us know if you find the answer.

Pat xx


I lost one and a half stone on slimmers world,but ive put quite a bit back on due to going back to my old eating habits,i think i am going to try the 5-2 diet next i have heard its good.

Dieting with no exercise is always going to be harder and take longer.

Back in the day i could loose a stone in a few weeks with diet and exercise,it takes me a few weeks of dieting to loose 2lbs now.

i try and go on my exercise bike i have in my bedroom,but only manage a few minutes a time,and thats on the days i can exercise.

J x


Exercise doesn’t have much impact on weight loss and it’s what, and how much, you eat that counts. Most of us lead more sedentary lives, so we need far fewer calories.

The Mediterranean diet is probably as good as it gets and easy enough to follow.


I lost a stone (to get to my target weight) with Slimming World two years ago, I have stayed within target (3lb under or 3lb over target) ever since. It means I have to stick to the Slimming World eating plan but I do have treats plus I usually eat out twice a week eating whatever I want dessert included.

Slimming World has become a way of life, Gone are the days when I lived on crisps and chocolate I’m afraid

I agree with Whammel re exercise, unless you were to run a marathon every day

Jan x


Morning everyone, thanks for all your comments, to answer a few, I have been to see a Dietitian in the hospital arranged by my Physiotherapy, she looked at my diet and all she could suggest was changing Flora light spread for Bertolli spread. Not much help as she said the tablets I’m taking don’t help. Said I was doing the right thing.

I started well lost a couple of stone, but that’s it, even being on the same diet, have even tried a weekend of no diet, just to try and kick start my metabolism again, but no help.

Cant really go to a slimming club, I know it sounds like a cop out, but I can’t stand up so weighing scales are no good,I can’t even stand on my oun scales at home, so don’t know what I weigh till I get to see my Physio, I have to wait with fingers crossed until I go and see her every couple of months, scales there that I can sit on.

i suppose I could follow one of the diets at home, like Slimming World but as my husband shops and cooks for me, it’s not that easy, I at the moment he gets me Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, hearts and salmon he can just put one of these in the oven, I have that with grated carrot and lettuce with balsamic vinegar, followed by a fat free yogurt at dinner. Two Ryvitas with Bertolli spread and Bovril with an Apple for lunch, and breakfast muesli skimmed milk with dried goji berries. So what can I do, I will look at the Mediterranean diet. Thanks everyone I will let you know if I find a wonder diet.

AL you seem to be on a really good diet. Can’t think why you’re not losing weight… can only think it must be a combo of drugs and not being able to exercise.

However, even without any further weight loss, you are eating a very healthy diet… lowering your risk of cancer & diabetes. So perhaps you can at least take some comfort from that.

Also it’s possible that you will start losing weight again.

Well done you for sticking with it. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a yo yo dieter (is that the right word?). I diet for a while and then slowly go back to normal. But my normal is quiet good anyway… lots of salads and fruit and I never ever buy crisps, biscuits or cake as they would all be eaten on day of purchase!!!

Do you by any chance drink juices? Even those without added sugar are very fattening because you are not getting the ‘whole’ fruit. Much better to eat whole fruit or use a nutribullet to make smoothies with whole fruit.

Well done… you’re doing great.

Pat xx

I know it sounds odd but I wonder if you’re eating enough. Sorry to harp back to Slimming World (it’s the only diet I’ve done so it’s the only one I know) one thing they say all the time is to eat super free food, which for them is veg, salad and fruit. The idea being to fill up with these things so you are never hungry, I ate so many clementines I started to turn orange so had to lay off them for a while. Eating bulk also keeps the metabolism working, that’s the way I understand it, someone please correct me if I’m wrong or explain it in a better way. I eat way more now than I ever did, it’s simply different foods I’m eating.

You’ve done really well losing what you have please don’t be disheartened.

Jan x

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Hello AL.

Yes I agree. You have a brilliant diet and have done well to stick to it. Damn the pills.

Best wishes, Steve x.

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Know where you’re coming from, but to have lost so much shouldn’t be sniffed at.

I Started taking cinnamon supplements a few weeks ago as it’s anti-inflammatory. Delighted to report its also a great mood lifter & I don’t get so hungry. Cheap & harmless try.

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I agree with you jan, slimming world really does work, i went on it last year and lost 24lbs

some weeks i didnt loose at all, but most weeks i lost 1lb to 2lb a week,and i never felt hungry either, i did it online and had a weigh in every week.

But me being me, well i have put some back on now,due to eating rubbish.

But after xmas i am going to start again.I felt so much better for eating more healthy.

J x


Hi Deborah, I agree with jan, your diet sounds very little food to me.b years ago I went to weight watchers did really well but I wasn’t using all my points and I came to a standstill. The leader asked me to look at my food diary and told me off for not using all my points.

she explained that my metabolism had slowed down because I wasn’t eating enough, I increased it a little and weight loss resumed. Looking at what you eat for the day it’s very healthy but quiet low in calories maybe try adding a little more food in and see if it helps.

you have done really well and must feel the better for the weight loss, so we’ll done it’s not easy.

ann x

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Hi everyone thanks for your comments.

Pat believe it on not I only drink 1 coffee a day, then I drink water all day, sad but I prefer water.

Jan you could be right, when I did (many years ago) go to slimming world, I was constantly told off as I was not eating enough.

Steve the pills are a pain, but I can’t just blame them, I’m sure there must me something else I can do, will keep looking.

Clarkey not heard of “cinnamon supplements” will definitely look into that one thanks

MrsJ your right lets all enjoy Christmas, to hell with the diet until 2016, after all the extra fat will still be there, let’s hope we don’t all put on too much extra.

all the best Deborah(AKA) Amazon lady

These posts reminded me of a few years ago when I went on a very strict diet. I actually put weight on!!!

I found out that it was because I had put my body in starvation mode.

For many thousands of years, human beings were often deprived of food because of drought etc (of course that remains the same for many people on earth). So if we don’t eat enough our bodies start to turn all food into fat in an attempt to save us from starvation.

I had forgotten that. Of course it wouldn’t continue for long otherwise people with eating disorders or people without food would all be fat. But it does happen at first.

Worth thinking about Deborah. Maybe it would be worth joining online Slimmers World or Weight Watchers just to ensure you are eating enough.

I have thought about doing that, but… and it’s a big BUT… neither of them seem to have a diet for those of us who can’t exercise. Unless I’ve got that wrong? I would join if they had a plan for disabled people.

Pat xx

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Pat .there are people who are disabled and in w/c full time,that have told of there success on the Sw plan,this is what made me give it a try in the first place,i have been on all sorts of bad diets over the years,but SW i have never eaten as much and lost weight,it just educates you more than anything,i was really surprised when i lost 24lbs on it,i am starting again on it after xmas.

J x

I did some research, as well as turmeric, cinnamon is anti inflammatory too. When i bought the supplements, I discovered they are also used as a slimming aid. I listened to a psychologist being interviewed & she recommended cinnamon as a boost, especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety.

i bake etc & use cinnamon. But this is insufficient. I take 1 2000mg tablet in the morning. You can take as many as 4. I no longer get hungry before lunch. But it does help to keep busy. Boredom is your worst enemy when it comes to feeling hungry. I could do with losing weight, so rather chuffed.

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I’ll take a look at their website. I might just join you after Xmas…

Pat xx