Starting to think about diet-finally!

Good morning everyone

My theme is sort of connected to my last ‘going to the toilet’ topic, as I would like to consider the subject of diet. I have to confess that I am one of those head in the sand types and I’m not the sort of person who is always looking at MS related subjects on the Internet etc - however, this needs to improve and I need to start looking into the illness more.

I have just spent the last hour or so looking at YouTube videos on diets and this has scared me to death! One guy was even telling me to give up dairy products totally-and I am a man who has a glass of milk instead of alcohol (thinking this is a healthy alternative) and has spent the most part of his life devouring cheese! The only good news I found was that potatoes seem to be okay-although I suppose this doesn’t include chips wrapped in newspaper!

But I feel I do need to make more effort with my diet and my question is if people have some suggestions for getting started- I am finding all these YouTube videos a bit too much and almost overcomplicated. I need a simple plan to get me started and I thought our forum readers would be the best start.

I suppose if I’m honest I see eating and drinking as a comfort to deal with all the problems we face every day. I still enjoy a beer at the weekend for example-I couldn’t face cutting it out totally.

I am looking forward to your dietary experiences and advice.

Warm wishes


Hi Richard, as a dietitian we were taught to advise people on the 80/20 diet, 80% of the time eat healthily & you can afford a treat or two 20% of the time. You don’t need to live on flipping salad either, you can not sustain a diet if you deny yourself all the things you like!! I am not going to harp on about sugar, you will know that it is the enemy, but we used to endorse what they call ‘The war diet’ sugar was rationed & there wasn’t processed food, at all. I am also aware that to say cook everything from scratch is going to be very difficult for people with disability (me included), there is also the cost implications to ready cut veg, fruit etc. I don’t know your position or difficulties so I can’t really reel off info. Basically, it comes down to availability, affordability & how your disability affects you. If you can give me a bit more about yourself & any problems you face I will be happy to help. Tracey x

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hiya richard

i lost 5 stone-through not being able to swallow, not through choice but it did make me look at a healthier intake (i refuse to use the ‘d’ word!)

porridge is my suggestion, occasional shredded wheat, with a handful of raisins. banana on oatcakes for a change (brekkie or lunch)

eat everything in moderation. frozen fruit and veg is handy!

microwave rice cooker is a brill thing!

ellie x

I watch Love Island! Tele tat, however, rather than shoving tea down my neck, I watch it and exercise. Its only on for five weeks so I’m sure once it has finished I shan’t be exercising in the front room to Vera!

Continually on a diet. Continually on Gabapentin which the Doctor assures me doesn’t change anythiing, the specialist nurse says it makes everyone fat.

Yesterday, fruit, fruit, veg, salad, one small piece of cake and longing as the rest sits there taunting me all night. I didn’t give in. I have reduced my sugar to molecules in tea, most of the time don’t eat bread, eat three lots of fish a week (Doctor’s orders) which I am sure just makes me hungrier. I never buy packs of anything. If I want something, I go up to the shop and buy one, eat it then put if on my eating chart so I can’t escape the fact and pretend that it didn’t exist.

My tip, keep loads of crunchy stuff in to much. If it is ready to eat at all times you may be less likely to go and eat something bigger or naughty. I buy more carrots and salad than anything else. All very important, don’t want to be dieting in the winter again, that was horrid.

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Richard, you’ve already had good advice.

All I can add is that I’ve been dieting for two years (yawn) and I like a drink. Nothing is ruled out. I have this on my fridge.

Best wishes.

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