I’ve been thinking a lot about food over the last few years, especially as I’m on an eternal (infernal) diet.

Lots of ideas have been passed around on the forum but as we know, we’re all different. All I can say is that a reduction in some wheat based products and a minimal amount of dairy has helped reduce some fatigue (not all of it). Of course I hhave a blog if you wish to read it.


When my wife could still walk, she felt that she walked better when she avoided gluten, dairy, and all legumes.

It’s all out the window now cos she can’t walk/weight bear at all at the moment.

Hello Steve , I missed this one I’d been tired for a few days and not been on the forum as much . I really enjoyed reading this blog. I feel as if I’ve lost cooking skills . I’m tired of the same old foods but lacking energy if I do make things it’s often from a jar. Lee’s very good but he works full time and although he works from home quite a bit it’s often a struggle to make new things from scratch. My favourite is a chicken and sweet potato curry. He always makes this when we have friends over it’s lovely. Michelle and Frazer xx

Invest in a slow cooker Michelle if you don’t have one already. You can cook pretty much anything in one. It’s the best and most used thing in our kitchen. I double up with whatever I’m cooking. Eat one and freeze one. Brilliant.

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Why stop there?

I can get eight portions of any meal into a large saucepan. One for tonight and the next seven meals are in the freezer. Awesome.


I think that’s the problem I have a few of us to cook for and I’m weary of fussy children I’ve got little energy but don’t want to make junk food . My fatigue is awful at the moment My sister has been coming up every fortnight to help out and she said we could make some things to freeze next to.w she comes.