Hosing down legs.

Hi Terry,

You’re definitely coming out with some great ideas - a deep crash mat being used as a multi-functional bed sounds great and at least you can hose it down and it’s easily cleaned too.

This hot sunny weather in some ways seems to be suiting you… go Terry lol

I on the other hand have just got out of bed “again” as that foe of mine fatigue hit me hard earlier, wish I had you’re energy and zest for life :slight_smile:

Enjoy your sun bathing and don’t forget to keep hydrated.

Twinkle Toes x

The zest is caused by panic. My MS is getting worse, but I’m learning how to cope with it & stop the symptoms feeling worse. Like yourself I have rediculous fatigue. I find myself sleeping, 3 to 4 times a day. Just to function properly & my routine has gone out the window. I’m forced to be ultra resilliant, due to most the people I encounter, being a total waste of time. Always letting me down. I do lots of things to keep active & test my serious balance issues. I’ve improved my weak side, but I still feel like I’ve had a stroke. The MS nurse assigned to me is retiring & the hospital haven’t got time, because I refuse medication. I’m braking bones quite regular & healing them myself. Keeping hydrated is paramount & fueling the bodily functions. An over active imune system, needs good foods & I’m eating everything to help it. Steering well clear of those who don’t care. I keep helping people, in the hope, one day they will return the favour. Stay active Twinkle Toes & never give up. Terry

Just had a blast with the cool hose & the dizzy spell I was having, ended in about 2 minuets. I’m not going to complain about the sun were enjoying in England. It’s usually raining, so it’s very much appreciated. All we have to do is adjust to the climate & have a good soak more often. Off to stock up on some fruit & juice. It’s scorching hot & I’m chilling out in a blacked out room with a fan. Going outside every ten minuets to catch some rays of Vitamin D. Take care out there folks. I hope it lasts.

To anyone out there suffering the heat, please try using a hose. It’s very therapeutic & easies the symptoms of MS so well. Every day & night in this lovely weather, I’m having a good soaking & it’s so good. The humidity from the after spray is awesome for everything. It seems to take away the feeling of dehydration. Take it easy out there folks. Terry

Just had my morning hose down, with some Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon, Lime, Garlic & Onion mist sprayed on my legs & massaged in. Before a stint of light exercises & stretches. Stay cool & keep hydrated. Get the fan out the storage & use it. If only to make them midges work harder at sucking your blood.

Terry the jet washer.

I wish i had the courage to try it . We only have cold water until Friday when the new boiler is up and running . I really don’t want a cold shower. I keep having kettle washes. Michelle and Frazer xx

I know a guy who lives in a van & has hot showers every day.

He goes swimming at the local swimming baths & uses their facilities. Then pops to the chippy for his meals.

There’s always a way.

Hi Terry,

At long last I’ve managed to purchase a Hosepipe - it’s on a reel so I can leave it outside and I can fit the hose through my kitchen window out into my back garden which will make things a whole lot easier for me :slight_smile:

Keep on hosing Terry :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

It will make your life far easier & more enjoyable TT. Bare legs seem to scream for a hosing this side.

The plants & wildlife will all love you too. It justifies the extortionate water rates too. So it’s all good.

Hi Terry,

I thought this hosepipe was going to be so much more easier and enjoyable but aaaarrrgggghhhhh (lol)

I bought one on a reel thinking that’s it that’s sorted but it had to be put together which I didn’t realise (easier for some yes) but I decided to give it a go and after several attempts and turning the air blue with my uncontrollable language & frustration I did it… ONLY to find out I’d done it wrong (swearing & crying full throttle by this time) so I gave up angry with myself and left it where it was and avoided it for a few days.

Anyway, I decided to have another go at it over the weekend but as I’m no longer any good at working things out and things take ages as I can’t see the wood for the trees (as they say) this time I put the box with the picture of the hosepipe on the reel all set up, the paper (picture) instructions and the actual hosepipe out in front of me and studied it and tried to work it out :-/

EVENTUALLY I did it (very proud of myself this time), although I did manage to hit myself in the forehead with one of the metal stands as my arm decided to have a spasm at the total wrong time - it probably would of looked very comical to others but I did it and I was looking forward to being able to use it later on after my rest & a sleep.

However, that was not meant to be as I discovered I’d not got the right connection for it and the kitchen tap… mass amount of tears, anger & frustration then so I gave up and decided that I will have to ask someone else to sort it out for me, I was trying to be Miss Independent but it backfired :frowning:

A very frustrated Twinkle Toes x

Sorry to learn of your frustration TT. There is an easy way to do things, but adding your PPMS to the equation, doesn’t help. It will be worth it once sorted, so stay motivated. If you lived nearby, I’d set it up for free.

It reminds me of the struggles I’ve had, in the last few years. Moving home & losing everything.

You’ll be okay TT. We’re made of tough stuff, us MS sufferers are. Treat yourself & don’t stress.

Todays hose down was awesome. I could barely move, seizing up & totally fried by this heat we’re having. 5 minuets getting soaked from head to toe, has done the trick. I even started to do some exercises. Definitely the best & surest way of ending the turmoil of my MS in this weather. Where my feet, thighs & knees had been cracking. They feel lubricated & my whole body feels invigorated. Someone should invent a portable shower. In another hour, I’ll go for a further session. After my grapes & blueberries, I feel like a trip somewhere. Sadly the mood would be over, as soon as I left the lovely garden hose. WOW just WOW. I was laying there, thinking it’s all over & it’s just beginning. Terry is soaked.

Hosing down my legs, has become the norm. So too has been, lubricating with essential oils. I know some folks aren’t keen on a cold jet of water, but it works a treat. It takes away the constant throbbing & stiffness. Nearly three years, since I was told. I would be in a wheelchair, for the rest of my life. Don’t give up!

Hosing down my legs in the rain, gets some odd inquiries. The cold water jet, helps to stimulate & hydrate limbs. Being dry & warm is good, but it doesn’t work well for circulation & I eat that many goodies. They need to be distributed, by a pulsing body, that breaths deep & rapid. Exercising while keeping cool is magic.

Hi Terry,

You have to keep doing what’s working for you :slight_smile:

Ignore the comments because if your way of doing things is helping YOU then that’s all that counts.

Twinkle Toes x

Yep TT, I know & I do. They resort to banging on my door at 2 am & getting violent. When they’ve had a few beers & some other substances. They are the folks who believe what they read or hear & imagine. Brain dead idiots. Their view is all that counts.

They try convincing me CBD cures MS & all that crap. When I show them 500ml of the stuff in my fridge, they want it. When I tell them, buy your own from Ebay, like I did. They scratch their heads.

The best things I’ve tested so far, are Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Omega 3 oil, Hazel Nuts, Green Smoothies, Water, Vitamins B6/B12/D3 & staying away from the stress heads with financial problems. The last part seems impossible.


If there is one thing I will miss from this awesome summer of 2018. It’s my daily blast with the hose. It’s starting to get odd looks now. It will be used when required. Whenever there is an overheating emergency after exercises. Who cares what people think!