Hot Tub

Bought my OH a hot tub for his birthday. We set it up yesterday - and after lots of research l decided to try Epsom Salts in the water instead of chlorine etc. l have a 10kg tub of Epsom salts [magnesium sulphate] - As l cannot get in or out of a normal bath l was concerned about being able to use it myself. So l was thrilled to be able to get in it late last night. Under the stars!! - l spent 30mins being pummelled by the water - and must say l slept better and my legs did not cause me any pain at all during the night.

Looking forward to using it again tonight. We have solar panels - so the electric during daylight hours is free for us. So we did switch it off after using it last night and turned it back on first thing this morning. lt had held the temperature well. 5lbs of the salts to 250gallon of water. Too much can cause corrosion in the motor.

l really did enjoy the wonderful soak. Much nicer then a bath anyway.


That’s good SJ.

I have noticed that a good long shower in my wet room gives me some relief. I’m a bit jealous about the hot tub though. I couldn’t exactly set one up in the communal car park of the block of flats where I live. I’ve just posted about pain.

Best wishes, Steve.


Oh Frances, I am also jealous of your hot tub!

But I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Is it hard to get into!


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Poll, l never thought l would get into it - as l gave up trying to get and out of a bath years ago. lt is only a small inflatable one - but the sides are firm enough to sit on - and with the help of my rollator l did manage to ‘get my leg over’ [ didn’t think l would be saying that again]. l am hoping to get in it tonight - l want to use it before going to bed - as the epsom salts do help with leg pain and also relax you to help you sleep.

lts raining out there right now. But it is lovely sitting in it under the stars. whether l shall be saying that in the middle of winter with steam rising off it!

People opposite have had hot tubs for years - so we did go over and look at theirs - and the latest one they have they really rated as it was a lot better then the others. So that’s what we went for - good old amazon came up with the best price.

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Sounds good

Sonia x