well i know where im going to be spending my summer

this hot weather is so not doing my symptoms much good but i have found a way to help relieve them a bit … our 10ft pool, i went in it today and it was brill, lovely and cool (everyone else said it was cold but ok) my hubby had to lift me in and out of it and ofcourse when i needed to go loo i had to get out quickly which was a bit of a drama but other than that i had a lovely time this afternoon and i know where i will be tomorrow.

Good on you. You’re much braver than me. I don’t tolerate cold water well at all.

Thats the thing Min, it didnt feel that cold to me, i dont seem to feel differences in temperature much (apart from this heatwave we are having) i was back in it yesterday and i will be going in again soon, hubby says i will grow scales soon.

Well done you My neighbours got a hot tub in the garden, ive been in it a couple of times but the heat of the water makes me dizzy as does a hydro pool. So, its getting my boys to hose me down with the garden hose every hour for me until i can afford a blow up kid size paddling pool to lounge in

Mmmm, a paddling pool was joked about at work today but I’m thinking that sounds like a really good idea actually :slight_smile:

I tell you, its bliss. we didnt get it out last year as the weather wasnt much cop but im so glad its out now. I have 2 older childen (21 and 17) and an 8 yr old boy. The 2 older ones can keep themselves busy but im going to find it hard to keep the youngest from getting bored over the hols. Ive got worse over the year and day trips etc tire me so. atleast we can have a bit of fun in the pool even if it isnt as boistress as it once was. If anyone has some tips of how to keep going over the hols, i would be very thankfull.