Too hot!!! How does it affect you ?

My god it’s hot here nearly 31 degrees.!!! I am having probs with the shakes/trembles all over :frowning: How does the heat affect you?

very badly! I have an MS buddy in USA who wears an ice jacket in the hot weather and she says it is close to 100 there today!

luv Pollx

i get dizziness, fatigue, swallowing trouble, leg weakness in the heat, thankfully not all at once!

Wow Poll that is hot, we may have to improvise over here hhhhmmmmmm ice cube bags wrapped around body ? Jules I hope your managing ok:) I am putting the sprinkler on in a min and gonna lay under it lol :wink: Kirsty x x

I’m glad its not just me suffering today then with this heat, i’m very shaky/trembly, dizzy, felt faint & generally feel zapped of energy. Sat in front of the fan with very little on

thanks kirsty, im not doing too bad, getting used to summer coming and going haha. (((hugs)))

Becca if my daughter didn’t have a friend here I,d have hardly anything on. :wink: And laying under sprinkler Pmsl. I am having issues with the shaky/trembles to all this week. Was worried was only one glad I,m not. Well not glad your suffering though!!! Hugs to all who are suffering x x x

Heat doesn’t seem to effect me so much at the moment - however that might change!

I mostly have a hot flush moment and it passes - all at the age of 34 lol