Hot Tub!!

Hi everyone!

A friend of ours is moving to Spain. He has a hot-tub he uses for his arthritis.

He said it helps his aches and pains a lot and that he is giving it to me as he thinks it would be beneficial. It is not an expensive one, Its one of those inflatable type ones.

Anyone got one? Any good?

Teresa. x

I guess alot depends on if you are affected by the heat. Alot of people I read on here cant have baths as it sends their symptoms through the roof.

I feel so lucky that heat doesnt bother me at all and I love the sun,I feel so sorry for the people who have to stay with the aircon on.

I would imagine if you are heat and humity tolerant it would be nice…why not try it at their house before they go then at least you havent got the trouble of getting rid of it later.

If you are affected at least you know it will pass after a while when you cool down.


We had a hot tub on holiday and I was really looking forward to it… but i found the heat unpleasant and i found the jets pretty sore on my legs (which are numb/tingly etc), was pretty disappointing!

Thanks Pip and Amylou. I suffer with anxiety and thought it might help me to relax.

I don’t suppose i’ll know until i try it. My ms is pretty mild so may be ok, but i am not good with heat. It has different heat settings so if i keep it on the lower side i should be ok.

Teresa. x


l think you would get a lot of pleasure from your hot-tub. lt gently massages your muscles - enjoy it.


Hi Teresa! we had an inflatable one & it was great! The family all loved it until we left it out all winter and it perished! 8( xxjenx

Thanks everyone!

I can’t try it first as it is on its way to me! lol!

If i don’t like it then i’m sure hubby and the kids will love it.

I don’t want to be negative to someone who has so kindly said i could have it for free.

I will remember to put it in the shed in the winter, jen! lol!!!

I have nothing to lose, so… bubble, bubble!!

Teresa. x

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Hi Teresa,

Hot baths really affect me I’ve had one twice in 6 years but both times I lost the feeling and movement from the waist down but when I drained the water and let it fill with cold water everything came back again a couple of my friends have hot tubs and always asked me to have ago but I always shyed away from them,

When I’m at the gym there are two on each side of the pool as you go in but I never went near them I’m going to the gym over 2 years 1 day about 2 months ago I don’t know what came over me there was no one there to watch my make a prat of myself so I gave it ago it was great I stayed in for no more than 10 minutes but felt great I use it all the time now for 15 to 20 minutes each time I feel very relaxed after.

I’d give it ago but dont be stupid like me make sure there’s someone there to watch over you and help if need be.

I haven’t had the chance to try a bath again to see if its me and things have got better or what I replaced my bath with a shower

Mark x

-be careful because the first article I read was from USA about a man suffering ms sitting in a hot tub for far too long. You can probably guess what was written in the conclusion.

Im just warning you, possible msers used to be tested by sitting in warm/hot bath to see if indeed they exhibited signs of neurological problems - weak muscles and ataxic gait.

I would never personally sit in anything warm for too long as I already hate my shower, I feel weak and worn out with the heat of the water.

Best wishes



Thanks Mark and Bren.

I will try it for 10 mins at first. As my ms is ‘pretty mild’ at the moment - i dont have any problems in the bath but will make sure hubby is around just in case.


I currently own an IG pool and I’m very close to getting a hot tub to sit next to it. I have some family members discouraging me saying that they know people who own a hot tub and they all say they never use it.

I’m skeptical of that though. How often do you use your tub? How often would you say most people use their tubs?

I have hydrotherapy at my local MS clinic and the water is lovely and warm, and it feels beneficial but when I get out I’m like a wet rag, totally fatigued and no strength what so ever, in fact I can walk, with help to the clinic, but have to get a wheel chair back to the car.

The physio that runs the class says its a combination of the heat rom the pool and the exercises.

Hi - I’ve had RR MS for 30 years and bought a rigid installed hot tub 7 years ago. I feel the cold, mostly. My hot tub is the best thing I have ever bought, for me, my husband, my kids and my grandkids. It has brought so much pleasure to all of us but, mainly, me! It eases my aches and pains as I sit in it to read or listen to music (it has inbuilt speakers). I would not be without it now.