Numbness and pain....Think I need a manual wheelchair...

Here I go again…

Everyone sighs…LOL.

Well the sweating again is terrible and having two to three baths per day due to body thermometer being broken.

I had a bath earlier and my legs went numb again I couldnt move them at all,well I started to cry I got frightened.I dont know why because it has happened before.

My legs came back enough to haul my self out of the bath.I managed to get dressed but had to come down the stairs on my bottom.

Ive sat in my computer chair,the feeling is still not back in my legs properly BUT now my lower spine and hips are so painfull I want to cry out,my legs,ankles and feet are paining me to.I can hardly walk and my legs will not straighten.

It seems every few weeks I get 1-3 days of milder symptoms then I get them worst that ever before for several weeks.It is frightening me all the time,I do not know what will happen next.

I think I need a manual wheelchair just for now untill I get an electric wheelchair,I cannot be stuck in the chair or sofa like I am now all the time.

This is terrifying,not knowing what the next few minutes could bring me.

My hands and arms are starting to feel heavy and I have to rest them,I tried turning a tap on and cried out with pain in my wrist and arm.

How much more do I have to endure?


I keep loosing control of my bladder today to.

Oh and would the meds I am on,Baclofen,Amitriptyline and Co-Drydamol make my wee very bright yellow?

Its so bright its almost glowing?


Hi Charlie Te last time iworked on a nuclear plant mine was too. I looked like a ready break kid Mike

Mike you make me giggle,I think my wee is so bright I could put it in straws and sell it as a glow stick in night clubs.


Charlie Get some string and jam pots. Tie the string around the jam pot We’re in it Hang it up You got an energy efficient lightbulb Ha, ha,ha :slight_smile: Mike x

HAHAHAHAHAHA Your crazy your as mad as me.Wich is a good thing…


Dont know if you know already but warm baths can make ms symptoms worse ,i havent had a bath for years i just shower,and not a hot one either, i try and have it tepid too.

in the summer when its hot, i get a cool shower and that helps a lot.

Jaki I always take cool baths now.As I know what the heat can do to me,makes my worse.My bath water is usaly around body temp or cooler…

I get the numbness during the day to.

Today I can hardly walk and my eyesite is blurred.


Well well I dont belive it.

My hands are so cold they turned numb and I lost the feeling in them,I could not even type on my keyboard.

So I ran a very hot sink of water,I put my hands in they felt nothing but my wrists felt the heat ouch.My hands started to tinble with sharp pins and needles.I ran some more hot water with no cold added.My hands now how feeling back in them and they are very very red due to the hot water,as the feeling came back then and only then did I feel how hot the water was.

This is terrible,I am still unable to walk properly today and my eyesite is blurry.Pain and stiffness…

Oh well thats the life of MS suffers.