Hot tub heaven

Hi, so i’m very new to this but just wanted to share with you something that has made quite a difference to managing my pain.

Ive only had my diagnosis for 2 years but also suffer from chronic sciatica, therefore it has taken 24 years to get this as many of my symptoms were just excused as related sciatic pain.
I had to give p work 7 years ago now as life just became too uncomfortable and ruled my life as i’m sure many of you understand.

so a few years ago my sister in law and husband bought a hot tub. After using this on a numerous occasions I saw many benefits in which it helped me. Last year we decided to get one and oh my what a difference it has made!!

I dont know about you but because of the constant pain in my back and legs this leads to severe pain in my shoulders and neck as the day progresses, so by evening its unbearable, I dont sleep as I then find it hard to relax and et to sleep.

So going in the hottub after tea and having the jets massage my back, shoulders and neck has made me relax easier and aid a much better nights sleep thus impacting greatly on my pain levels the next morning. Im able to do more in my days (except those days when my fatigue is bad) and feel happier as having days not constantly feeling exhausted and my pain unbearable.

I hope reading this helps some of you to maybe consider visiting a spa and seeing if it helps you,

that would be my HELL. i cant sit in hot water no chance, it gives me psueo exacerbation of my symptoms. one of my first symptoms was not being able to even have a warm bath and getting stuck in it. visiting a spa would be my HELL.

I even have tepid showers lol.
BUT ITS get to read some people find it heaven lol. xxxx as long as it helps is all that matters.

Not for everyone but if it works for you that’s brilliant:
Thanks for sharing

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