Are my pains MS related or not??

Hi everyone,

I have developed pains in my right elbow and right heel. I went to the doctor about these and I told the doctor about the pains and I said to him I think these are MS related as I think they are new symptoms.

But the doctor basically says that I am making out that these are MS related even although he seems to think they are not, and he has put in a refferral for me to see a chiropodist.

I think that these pains are related because if one starts up the other is not long behind. It makes for uncomfortable driving and even just walking.

Has anyone else had pains in these areas mostly on the bone of my elbow and hard part of heel??

Any feedback would be appreciated.



i think that the bad posture caused by ms puts strain onto our joints. so in a way you and your doctor are both right.

i'd see the chiropodist, he may be able to help and if not you'll get your toe nails cut! (not kidding - its really hard to cut my toe nails now)

maybe the chiropodist could recommend heel cushions?


good luck


carole x




Hi Darren,

I get a stabbing pain near my left elbow as a result of MS damage affecting my left arm.  Apparently I have lesions parallel to my chin.

I take Pregabalin for this pain which generally tends to move from my elbow down to my wrist constantly.

Some doctors don't have much specific knowledge about MS, my first port of call is always my nurse.  Your doctor doesn't sound particularly helpful!  Ggggrr.

That said, it is true that bad posture can make the pain worse and my MS physio is always on at me to sit properly and regularly move my head to stretch my neck muscles, etc.

Good luck.


..oh, and I forgot to mention, I do get pain in my feet but not my heal, usually at the arch of my left foot.  I had a foot massage the other day and when she put a hot towel on my feet to start with it was soooo nice.  My feet always feel like blocks of ice so it was very soothing.


Thanks for the reply carole and sboy, well I have been referred to the chiropodist/podiatry but have to wait till mid august for the appointment but meantime i managed to get in contact with my MS nurse and she has got me to up my amitryptiline to 20mg so i started that last night and so far today i have been okay,

Lets hope the pains stay away as last night I was in complete agony cryed myself to sleep then just conked out lol.

Lol need my toe nails cut also carole and sboy a massage would be great if only I didnt have tickly feet haha but gonna try getting my gf to attempt it cause need massage probably.