Touch Screen Gloves

How’s it going PPMS people?

Just received some touch screen gloves from Ebay. Useful in the cold weather, with stiff hands.

Take it easy out there. Time for some nuts.


Intriguing Terry.

I’ve just looked it up. It’s certainly handy (no apology for the pun) as it takes me a fair amount of time and effort to get into a pair of gloves. I’m just trying to imagine using my Galaxy with my massive army style mittens. Sometimes, because my left hand is so pathetic I have a mitten on the left and an ordinary glove on the right. Shame the colours don’t match.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Puddle

I seen these in our local factory shop, but didn’t really give it any thought, but now you have brought it to mind, I shall investigate them.

Wow…I sound like Miss Marple!

Pam x