Sticky fingers??

I know I have spasticty in my legs… neuro has told me that much…

But lately my fingers are feeling very strange, like I am trying to move them through treacle… especially if I am typing a lot… they seem to be getting their own version of fatgiue!!

On a couple of occasions, an odd finger has got stuck, couldn’t move it at all! But only lasted no more than a minute.

Has this happend to anyone else?


Hi Jules, My fingers tire really easily and they can feel a bit stiff, my left thumb can really hurt. I took a mock exam a few months ago and I was in tears by the end as my thumb was so painful whilst trying to write. I had to pace myself for the actual exam. I am trying to knit to try and do something constructive to take my mind off my feet and forthcoming Neuro appt and my fingers aren’t happy at all!! Sam x

Hi Jules, yes it happens to me. I get spastity in my arms and hands and when I try to do things they lock up. Its a shame really cus I cant play classical guitar now, or type, or write… Maybe can get some meds when I’m dx. :’( Frank.

Hi Jules

Yes, my hands seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

The baclofen does take the edge off it, but not completely.

Pam x

Thank you…

Isn’t it strange when you hear other peolple having ailments and being happy about it… not in a nasty way of course… just because it’s nice to know other people know how you’re feeling and you’re not alone!!

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

my fingers also tire very easily, lack co-ordinatin and are also stiff.