fingers catching - kind of pop when straighten

I still have a random sore and stiff left thumb and have had it since the period of permanent pins and needles went intermittent which was November time - I didn’t hurt it and it looks completely normal (no swelling). But now in the mornings I’ve recently been getting stiffness in my fingers which is happening pretty regularly now…Its worse in my little and ring fingers - when I wake they are bent down in a fist (not tight or clenched) and when I straighten them there is resistance and a pop or clunck when they straighten …

Does anybody have/had issues with fingers can help me understand this - Its on my ‘dodgy’ left side…

Many thanks

Emma x

hi emma

it could well be a spasm because i get them when i’m driving on the motorway in a traffic jam.

my hands are stuck in clutching the steering wheel position.

worse still is if my feet join in!

to be honest i haven’t asked for medication because it is only motorway traffic jams and i don 't see them very often.

carole x

Thanks Carole, I would be terrified if it happened when I was driving - what do spasms feel like how do they stop?

I have been having a session with Dr. Google and something called trigger finger sounds possible maybe? but at the minute I don’t do any kind of repetitive movement with the fingers or thumb

Emma x