Losing my grip!

Good evening all, hope all are ok as can be! just a quick question, I woke this morning both my hands where numb, had this many times before but his was worse than before, it felt like tight bands around fore arms and little feeling below, as day wore on feelings became tingly. Left hand far worse than right. Now cant grip to well with left hand, so undoing bottle tops ect is harder, also keep dropping things. Right hand is trembling and uncordinaed, typing this is really hard work! I have nerve conduction which ruled out carpel tunnel problems. Has anyone else experienced this. And how long can I expect it to last? This coud really affect my work. thanks in advance Ppx

Morning xxx

I get numb hands at night - sometimes in the day but it’s fleeting with me - my right hand goes stiff when typing & I can’t do repetetive things like peel potatoes etc - but it’s nowhere near as debiliating as what you are describing now x I think from what I’ve read on here that it’s pretty common though - trip to your GP methinks??? Are you on any meds???


Hi Jen

No not on any meds, I have been advised to take amitriptyline for neuro pain and diazepam for ‘HUG’ but trying to steer not to take anything as fatigue so bad at times don’t want to make it worse, don’t really know what the lesser evil is some days!

I think it may be a trip to GP to get the meds.

I know what you mean about peeling spuds! Have to stick to oven chips or take aways I guess LOL



The numbness in my hands were one of my first symptoms, and like you my left always far worse than my right, in my case this happened 1 year ago and still hasnt gone and led me to have to stop work and studies. I have nearly lost all use in my left hand as like you have no grip and constantly drop things so you are not alone there! I hope yours does not stick around like mine!

Shona x

Thank you Shona The numbness has improved a bit today but stir have no grip in my left hand. I am sorry to hear that you had to give up your studies because of it I hope that you fine some improvement soon. Ppx