Numb/dead arm

Last week I woke up with what felt like a dead hand (the kind where you feel like you’ve slept on it) no tingle just numb . Started at my thumb now at my shoulder. As it’s my right hand I’m finding it most annoying, picking up pens, forks little stuff. I manage it the item is big (but not heavy) Got my nurse on Friday just wondered what I could do to make things easier mean time. Any tips or advice most welcome. (I was dx about 10 years ago and had the odd relapse which tend to leave their mark but this one is driving me daft )

I can’t use a pen anymore but when I could I had an adaptor on it. Three sided grip thingie worked fine for me. I now have fat handled cutlery you can get them weighted and unweighted. All kitchen equipment is available with big grip handles speak to your nurses they have access to OT’s who know what is out there for you.


I’ve never experienced numbness like you describe, but definitely ring your MS nurse tomorrow and ask for a referral to the OTs. Hopefully they can get that into the system before you see your nurse on Friday. Your nurse may have some ideas, too.

My fine motor control is not as good as it used to be - I’m definitely clumsier than I used to be. My husband has made sure there are plastic lidded cups/beakers within my reach in the kitchen so I can still make myself hot drinks, but I’m not going to spill as badly if I do drop them. They are also lighter than ordinary mugs so are easier for me to carry. And I’ve got a telescopic magnet - collapses to look like a pen with a magnet instead of a ballpoint, expands to about 1m long - it’s quite a powerful magnet and will pick up my small scissors no problem. I read on a kindle these days because I have difficulty holding a book, and I have a cover on it that has a section I can slide my hand into so I can still hold it even when my grip is bad.

I hope the numbness is only temporary and wears off, but it is definitely worth getting referred to the OTs.