Some advice needed please

Morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Please could I ask you some advice? Since last Thursday, my thumb and index finger have gone numb. They almost feel burnt, and the pain in that arm is like tooth ache, aswell as a shooting pain straight down my arm into my fingers when I go to reach for something. I am taking gabapentin to try and alleviate the pain. I hate pestering the gp, and am due to see a neuro two weeks today, would you leave going to see the gp or would you go? Thanks x

My toe and heel did the same end of Sept with ice cold sensation. I am due to see neuro again in 2 weeks. Haven’t been to see gp as decided they wouldn’t be able to do anything, maybe wrong but just me. I avoid the gp where possible lol Axx

Thanks Arwen, That’s what I was thinking. I feel like I should go to get it documented, but think to myself, other than take painkillers, what can they do. It’s driving me insane at the moment. Any fine motor movements like putting earrings in and even writing is difficult. I wrote a card yesterday and it looked like my three year old had done it lol. S x

I would go and see the GP, maybe the gabapentin isn’t for you. They could try you on pregablin or amitriptyline. Or they may say wait and see what neuro says, but at least you will have got it on record. Best of luck with the neuro :slight_smile: x

Thanks leora, Will go and pay a visit tomorrow when my gp is back in x