Damned electric shocks!

New symptom for me to add to the growing list today!!

constant electric shocks going down my spine from the top of my neck all the way down. It feels like I’m shivering (like when someone’s walking over your grave kind of feeling)

hope le this doesn’t last long as it’s very disconcerting!!!

anyone else get these?

I got them for a while. Very odd. Get up, breakfast, drive for an hour, park and walk into my office - no problem.
Sit down, and “whap” - the first shock always came as a surprise. Shocks lasted for an hour or so, and then tapered off.
Same thing happened after driving home again.

Gabapentin fixed the problem, and when other neurpathic pain came along, it was just a matter of getting the prescription upped.
It is prescribed my my GP on advice from a Neurologist or MS Nurse, so you should not have too much problem getting a prescription.


Thanks geoff

my doc said if I get any wierd symptoms like this to go to a and e so currently waiting for my better half to finish work and take me. I hope they can sort it because I can’t get comfy with these little buggers running up and down my back!!


I had these a few years ago (before starting my symptom diary). I remember looking down to put something in the bin and zap! I think it happened a few times then went away. I’m wondering if it’s that L’Hermitte’s sign I’ve read about. Now,I only get a tingly zappy sort of feeling just below my shoulderblade. It was really noticeable when it began, then faded and now only reappears when very fatigued or hot (or washing up which usually equals hot+fatigued!) Mention it to the neuro when you see one.

The electric shocks are one of my main symptoms - whenever I look down (at feet, at keyboard, at dashboard of car) when I turn my head to either side. Docs right - the first one usually comes ‘out of nowhere’ and then I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the rest to join in. It’s like sticking your finger into a live socket. I’m on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline to control it. Definitely speak to your Neuro/GP about it.

That’s exactly what I feel like!!!. Feel like everyone is staring at me with my constant shivering!!

im going to speak to my doc if I can get in and see him before my neuro appointment (1st oct!)

Did you go to A&E as your DR suggested?

Jan x

Does anyone else get these electric shocks anywhere else. As I had it for ages just on my right knee and also my left ear. It was horrible as used to make me jump n scream, not a good look when your out at a restaurant lol.


Yes I went to a and e as my gp suggested. Chocolate fire guard is all I can print on here!

what a waste of time as the doctor just said nothing I can do put up with it and see your neuro. It seemed like all he was bothered about was not filling up another bed as he kept repeating "I don’t have enough reason to admit you’ and wouldn’t even offer any advice or treatment to cope with the symptoms

very disappointed!

Stressed little puddycat…the same thing happened me. My gp advised me to go to A&E if I got any more symptoms if they got worse (the electric shock etc) and said the neuro could review me the next morning. The doc also said 'I cant find any reason to admit u, ur bloods are fine and ur neuro exam was fine. Even though all he did was test my muscle strenght and it was actually my nerves and altered sensations causing the problems. He said wait for neuro r.v also. Dr’s these days…pffft

i agree, even my fiancee was fuming at how he just brushed it off!. im the sort of person who only goes to see the doc if i have to and if i go to a and e its because i need help not brushing off!. Feeling more back pain today, hoping it’s not getting worse as i’ve got to be strong and help my better half with a job interview all the way down in london tomorrow!!!

you could be getting posts from a london hospital if it gets any worse!!

i’ve tried paracetamol and ibuprofen and they don 't even touch the pain (on the advice from my bro with rrms)

fingers crossed it’ll pass :-s

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but Paracetamol/Ibuprofen (even taken together!) don’t touch the electric shock pain I get - and asking for “the strongest stuff you can give me without a prescription” through clenched teeth whilst twitching violently tends to raise a few eyebrows - besides which, the stuff I got - didn’t touch the electric shock pain either!

So far - Gabapentin + Amitriptyline does the job - no more ARGGHHHH YOU B&*£%^D!! moments.

Hope you get your ‘shocks’ sorted out soon.

Theresa I agree neither worked on their own or together. To make matters worse it’s also progressed to really bad back pain, so intense I can sleep with it. I’m down in London today but plan to see my GP asap for some relief as it was only through sheer luck that my better half had some tramadol with her that I got some sleep last night! Currently sat waiting for my better half to finish her job interview, feeling like one of the undead. Here’s hoping they can give me something or I’ll be one grumpy patient come neuro appointment time!! Mick

paracetamol and ibuprofen wont do much if anything for this, told by docs/neuro/ms nurse, its usually the nerves acting up, trying to connect or disconnecting, or just being a pain in the butt, figuring out which usually depends on other symptoms you might develop :confused: need meds designed for neuropathic pain.

I tried paracetamol tramadol ammitrypine n nothing touched the electric shooting pains. I used to scare people around me as use to say about of swear words lol. Mine have stopped for a few months now. Dreading them coming back

Yes the new tablets don’t seem to be working sadly. One day at work and I’m a wreck. I asked work if they would reduce my hours due to the back pain and was told no. Currently sat with my back painful already trying to decide if it’s actually worth going in again or whether time off work and laying down might actually ease things off. Thank god it’s the neuro appointment Wednesday!!. Mick

And it wasn’t worth it. Sick leave and resting here I come!!

Hi there,

I am yet to be DX but having been suffering from this on and off at night times particularly. I mentioned this new symptom to GP who was less than concerned to say the least. I go to bed shattered and cannot sleep.

Hope you manage to get some support and sending you big hugs

Sending best wishes your way, Mick! I hope your neuro is better than a chocolate teapot (although someone actually made a teapot out of chocolate and it works…sort of). :wink: