Any ideas on these symptoms?

I was wondering if anyone out there could give me any advice/insight into what I could be up against here. I am feeling terrified and any support would be greatly appreciated. About 3 years or so ago, I noticed a numb spot on the left side of the roof of my mouth and on my top lift on the same side. I asked the doctor at the time and he did some strength and reaction tests, and seemed unconcerned and said it was probably herpes virus damage.

Then about 7 months ago I started to notice that my fingers were making slight movements by themselves. Some Internet research later, and putting that and my numb lip/top pallet (which never went away) together, I convinced myself that this was MS. I then spiralled into a month of anxiety. Were I was experienced every symptom under the sun. I am fairly sure many of these were anxiety induced though. However, 7 months later and still awaiting a neurology appointment on the NHS, many of these symptoms haven’t gone. I still have pins and needles sensations in my legs very frequently. It doesn’t move around at all. My legs on both sides get pins and needles all over them and the skin feels sore/ burnt to the touch. I get painless muscle twitches every couple of days of so. I still get movement in my fingers and very occasionally in my legs every now and then coupled with a small electric shock feeling.

Then the other day I noticed my top gums have gone numb too. I went to the doctor (I am currently abroad) and he set me up with an MRI for Mondayi se cede some urgency in his actions. I am now extremely worried about what the outcome will be. Can anyone give me any ideas on this. Does this sound like MS? Does anyone have other ideas of what this could be? I have no weakness in my muscles no coordination or balance problems. I am so anxious though!

Thanks in advance!

I will agree you will have a long way to go yet before you get a firm diagnosis but I feel it does seem like some sort of Neurological complaint.

Could be something like through to MS and everything in-between.

Unfortunately only time and an MRI will tell.

Good luck might even be a CIS and go as soon as it came, an unknown one off.


I am currently awating a nurolagy app I had a lot of trouble last year with my leg muscle and pain and burning sensation with waves of fatuage and dizzyness minor pins and numbness now that passed then it reard its head again 6 weeks ago with my neck like a swolen bit on back my arm muscle sunk in a bit alot ov lazy arm pain like spazems in the arm from sholder to muscle and a numb foot and a twitchy eye now and then and funny dizzy sensations I am so worried any idea would be a good idea

Thanks, these are helpful comments. It is difficult sometimes to distinguish between what symptoms are being brought on by anxiety and which are not. But the numb gums and toes, which have been there for many years are definitely not anxiety. I hope it is nothing serious, but as suggested, only the MRI will give me some insight into this. Does anyone know how long I will likely have to wait for results from the MRI? It’s on Monday and I am feeling very nervous a about the outcome.

Jojo86, I hope you get you appointment soon! I know the wait can be very hard!

It feels like a relapz of some kind im so tierd and fed up of it

Well I had one recently and my follow up spot came through before my MRI appt. So I knew I had about a 2week wait after the MRI. I think in most circumstances a follow up can be anything up to a month after unless something is considered worthy of contacting you earlier. You maybe lucky and seen around 2 weeks after. Good luck! Hope you get some answers.

I really dont knw what to think take you a year ago when all this started I started with a lot of emotian and pain in 1 leg and looked to me as if I had a dent were muscle was and pain up and down 1 leg tingleing and burning sensation lack of appatite thist whent on for 4 month then 8 weeks ago started to have neck pain and my neck swelled at back headaches and dizzynes pins and needles burning down 1 arm and my foot whent numb my muscle dented in in my arm now and ocasinal pain. In my arm and fatuige in my body tempal pain and dry skin hormonal also get a crawing fuzzy feeling in my head awating to c a nurolagist any 1 can shed any light. Jesta I feel ya hun its awful :’( x