Eyelid twitches... grrrr

How annoying are they? I’m not fatigued (any more than usual), no caffeine consumed and definitely not stressed. But right eyelid is twitching more each day, and is starting to feel heavy.

Had the same thing earlier this year, so i can empathise with how frustrating it is. Calcium deficiency can cause eye twitches, might be worth getting the GP to check your levels. I would also get in to see an optician, just to be safe.

On calcium supplements already as I don’t get much in my diet x

Yes “eye” feel your pain - lol.

I have this at the moment and it drives me mad. It started for me about 8 months ago and I thought an eye check was in order. Went to spec savers and was astonished that they said my eyes were ok! The staff looked dissapointed that I didn’t need a prescription for some glasses.

Mine twitches, feels heavy and often goes blurred. I feels like I have grit in the corner of it, horrible and very annoying. Think its thats Optic Neuritis malarky but not sure.

I do get a red blood shot eye though when it is at it worse.

I’ve got the eye twitch - worse when tired and/or stressed I find. Really hope my vision is unaffected long term. At least there are its of audio books available now! xx

I’ve woken up with it today, so at least I can rule out stress fully, and fatigue. Mind you, slept OK but feel exhausted.

Still no let up. Grrrrr. Stop twitching.

hope it gets better soon.x msnurse said this was stress related not ms…it went in a few days but who knows xx

I’m not stressed at all though. Everything is going well :slight_smile: I know there’s various triggers for it, but it’s been going on for a while on and off. It’s more on now though x

Your poor thing. It is going on and on isn’t it?

My cobwebby face seems to have gone but only just.

I haven’t had the twitchy eye yet but it must be really horrible.

I do get the heavy eye thing when Optic Neuritis flares up.

I really hope you start to feel better soon. Does it keep you awake at night?

Shazzie xx

No, it eases off around teatime, as does the fatigue. Til around 7-8pm then it sets off again. X