hi, it’s been a few weeks since I have been here so I’ll give a quick recount.

I am not diagnosed with anything although bloods showed low iron and vitamin D. I have a twitch in my right eyelid which occurs several times a day near enough every day and has done for over 4 months now. I also have random sporadic twitches that can be anywhere from butt cheek, to arm to leg. They are not exactly regular and I notice them when resting most and I also get a funny sensation in my left lower leg and foot and left arm and hand. Not exactly pins and needles, more of a fuzzy sensation. This also comes and goes as does a heavy feeling in my left leg.

I have been dealing with these symptoms pretty well I think and have been making an effort to put them to the back of my mind until I see a neurologist. I’ve even sometimes wondered if I am wasting his time as they can be so minor and most may even be my own mind playing tricks on me as I know stress can do this (apart from the annoying eye twitch, there is no imagining that).

Anyway, I’ve had a pretty rotten couple of weeks (not related to symptoms) and anxiety levels are through the roof at the moment. I’ve experienced stress before to certain levels and know it’s effects but this is new to me. I think the heart palpitations are the worst and the feeling of panic when it happens. I am coping with breathing exercises but am finding the original symptoms are magnified hugely at the moment which then makes me stress even more. I know they are probably no worse than before, it’s just my mind and to be honest just writing this has helped. I don’t really want to take any medication for this and am hoping it will ease a bit now I’ve opened up on here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings.


i assume you have an appointment to see a neuro.

in that case you will just have to wait.

great that you are doing breathing exercises to combat the anxiety.

if you have seen your GP it will be recorded on your medical records.

write up a time line of your symptoms to show the neuro.

then try to relax as you wait.

Yes, I have an appointment but not for another 2 months. My GP didn’t actually refer me, he emailed them for advice about the eyelid problem and they sent me an appointment. It’s funny how that was the only issue I had and now 4 months on all these others pop up. It’s so confusing as I know I had achey legs for years but thought nothing of it, they don’t hurt just ache in the late evening sometimes and i don’t know how to sit to be comfortable. They’ve never worried me I just go to bed and it goes. I didn’t even think anything of it, just thought it was a type of restless legs. I still don’t really consider them a symptom.

I also had toe cramps periodically for years but so do thousands of others. I can’t really say I noticed the other symptoms before the eye started so I don’t really know if they are me over thinking and over feeling if that makes sense. I have stopped reading anything apart from this site because if I read about a possible symptom i will start looking out for it and guess what?? 9 times out of 10 that very symptom will “appear”.

I have been a lot happier since I sacked Dr google but I think the strain of the last few weeks have taken their toll a bit. Just shows what stress can do.

Good that you’ve sacked Dr Google off sometimes it can be your friend though. I suffer with anxiety terrible for the last 5 years since my first relapse. Having only just been told I have MS, my symtoms over the last 5 years were extremely minor and I have wasted the last 5 years worrying for no reason. No one can tell you to stop worrying or being anxious. Breathing is a good start, medication and natural remedies may be a short term solution whilst you are going through this. You may get seen quicker if you go down the mental health route. But you know say you do have ms? There’s tons of support and a lot better these days than it used to be. I’m a 31 year old male and completley understand anxiety and how it works, it’s a feeling a horrible feeling but remember. It’s not you, it’s just your head! Our fight or flight response kicks in and it’s natural. Try not to worry so much about what ifs, easier said than done, but any1 of my friends or family could have something happen to them tomorrow so don’t let it stop you doing the things you want.

I was in hospital briefly over the festive period for something minor but still painful. It was nothing to do with any of this. I’m now still off work recovering which gives me too much time on my hands. My mind can be extremely mischievous when idle and it gives me time to notice any little twitches and things that I normally wouldn’t even feel. Of course these twitches and sensations can be brought on by my anxiety so it’s a vicious circle. I am on the up again now though and have things to catch up on that will get my mind busy. I don’t want to go down the mental health route as it’s a blip due to circumstances. Once I’m busy again I won’t have time to dwell and the time until my appointment will be here before I know it.

Can anyone clarify whether pins and needles or nerve symptoms typically come and go, as in there for a couple of hours, then go and maybe come back the next day or even a few days later, maybe even somewhere else on the body for a few months at a time? I was asked this by someone recently and as I’m just muddling through at the moment I said I would ask those with more experience.

we all experience ms in our own unique way.

in my own case i still have my very first symptom of pins and needles in my right foot and it’s now 10 years since my diagnosis.

you know the effects of stress so develop a way to deal with it.

stress is a normal part of life but in our case it isn’t good for us.

try mindfulness mediation which involves deep breathing.

when you focus hard on something which you naturally do all the time it is like meditating.

at the beginning it took 20 minutes to see any benefit.

now just 2 - 5 mins is enough.