Twitchy eye


Does anybody else have a twicthy eye? What have they done about it as really annoying!



Interesting this, my left lower lid/cheek has been driving me mad since Christmas. I spoke to the nurse about it and she didn’t think it was MS related but said if it did not clear up soon to let her know again. Sometimes it actually closes my eye. So irritating isn’t it


I have at the moment its been twitching for a few weeks on and off, theres nothing that can be done,i wait for mine to pass which it does when its ready,its so annoying though,mine started when i was having a big relapse, and every few years or so it just starts off again.

Twitchy eye can be a sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. I had it a couple of years back and I was low on calcium. I know it can happen with low vit B12 too, and others.

So best to get your bloods done. If they’re all fine, then I guess it’s your MS playing tricks

Karen x

Hi Amy

I’ve had a twitchey eye on and off for a number of weeks amongst other things as I’m relapsing. I’ve had steroids and so far it is the one thing that they have helped, no more twitchey eye.

Take care



I know that when Ive had a twitchy eye its because Im normally stresed about something. The last time I had one we had [problems with crappy workmen. Then the next time wew were moving house. They normally go when my stress has gone.


Just ended my first twitchy bottom right eyelid experience 2 days ago, after 3 weeks of it. Great to see the back of it but more of a minor irritation compared to most of people’s symptoms. Not vitamin or tiredness related. Cheers, Mr S

Hi yes I have this off and on for a number of years, not sure if it is MS related but it does tend to happen more when I am stressed.

Hopefully it will resolve soon


I to sometimes get a twitchy eye and it can be annoying it comes and goes