Twitching eyes

Hi, I hope all as as well as poss.

i have been having twitching every for a week. Quite strong twitches where you can see the lids actually pulling in not just twitching. Could this be an ms symptom.? Dx rrms 12 months ago

thank you,

sue x

Mine normally twitch when I’m really exhausted. I can see the lids twitching as well. Try to take it easy as even if you don’t feel exhausted it could be your body’s way of telling you that you are.

Hopefully it will disappear with plenty of rest. Take care.

Hi I’ve had twitching left eyelid before. It may be stress related or you fighting off an infection. If you can get lots of rest and sleep and take things easy xxx

Thank you both for your replies. Being tired makes sense, we have had a busy couple of weeks. Our daughter had a baby girl two weeks ago, gorgeous, and school holidays. Good to know it’s probably a tired thing as apposed to a new ‘symptom’.

maybe get a lie in tomorrow :wink:

take care,

sue x