twitching eye

hi everyone

my eyelid has been twitching for about 5 days. all i can see is my eyelashes twitching in the outercorner.

has any one else had this? i do have a slight headache as well.

of course im worried it may be a new thing as havent had any new issues for a year.

any answers appreciated


It is something I suffer from frequently, and not just when relapsing. I now realise it was probably one of my first symptoms before diagnosis. All it takes is for me to touch my eye sometimes to set it off.

Hi Kim

Sounds very much like you are experiencing a blepharospasm (abnormal twitching of the eye lid). It is a form of Dystonia which can occur in Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately, Dystonia is my overriding MS symptom, but mine affects my left arm, leg and torso.

The following NHS website is very helpful. Copy the following link to your browser.

Don’t panic as there are treatments available. Speak to your GP.

Good luck


thanks for your replies and tracyann i am going to chat to my doctor on tuesday.

Experiencing something similar over last few days but only periodically; area corresponding to the ‘bag’ under left eye twitching rapidly. Reminds me of Chief Inspector Dreyfuss (Herbert Lom) from The Pink Panther movies.

Hi Hopeful!

Come back and let us know how you got on.

Good luck