Symptoms that seem like my mother’s MS


I am a 43 yr old woman with a mother and aunt (sisters) who were both diagnosed with MS in their early 50s- both primary progressive. My mother has done well but sadly my aunt passed away. I have recently started to have a group of symptoms at the same time that I find worrying but I worry that I’m just being over cautious because of my family history. I have started to have vision problems- blurriness both near and far. This has happened very suddenly. In addition, I have started to have issues with both bowel and urinary leakage- not incontinence but really struggling to hold it and some small accidents. I have never had any problems with either in the past. In addition, when I go out running, (I am very fit and active normally) I have started to notice a very weird sensation like my legs are just a split second behind what my brain is saying. Not tripped or fallen or anything, but like my legs aren’t quite connected properly. I also find one leg (calf) is frequently unconsciously tensed and I struggle to relax it. And finally, I have had a recurring numb spot on two of my fingers and alternating burning sensations and numb spots on my forearm. The numb/burning thing has been going on for a while (maybe two years?) but the rest is quite new. Am I being a hypochondriac??

You may be suffering an (understandable) hypochondria. If you are as your user name suggests, from some variety of Canada and Scotland, and given your age, gender and genetic inheritance, then you are probably a bit more likely than the general population to get MS. But that’s only a bit more likely. There are loads of factors that influence ones likeliness to get an autoimmune disease.

But if you have started to develop symptoms that are worrying you, then the sensible thing to do is to get yourself checked out.

See your GP, explain your symptoms and familial history and ask for a referral to neurology. At least then you will hear the (probable) news that it’s not MS. Then you can get on with life.


No, you’re not being a hypochondriac. You are, quite reasonably, concerned about these symptoms, particularly given a family history that, while in no way deterministic, cannot be ignored. Unless you think you are capable of putting all this to the back of your mind and never giving it another thought (which doesn’t sound terribly likely, quite honestly), I think it is time to seek medical advice. The worst they can tell you isn’t likely to be as bad as your worst 0400 imaginings, so why delay? And the upside risk is the real chance that they will be able to set your mind at rest. That has to be worth a shot, surely? Alison

So tablets and a gluten free diet for me. So it’s important for you to seek medical help, just to put your mind at rest. The waiting is the hardest part.

The doctors may also find out what’s causing your symptoms, it may not be MS at all, but at least you would know one way or the other. And to be able to get help. All the best


Thank you for your replies. It is reassuring to hear that this isn’t screaming MS at anyone. However, I will take the advice and see my GP of only to have my mind at peace. Thanks

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