Should I be worried?

Hi all, I started a thread early last year expressing concerns over a range of symptoms I was experiencing. After a brain/c-spine/lumbar mri and a visit to a neurologist it seemed it was unlikely I had MS and I was able to move on and feel better. Fast forward to now, around 18 months later, and I’m a nervous wreck again. A new symptom has popped up forcing another neurologist visit. My right foot (and sometimes left) feels like it’s burning. It’s not painful, just uncomfortable and seems to be worse with socks or shoes on. My neurologist did the basic neurological exam on me and says I haven’t changed in the time between visits but has ordered an mri of the t spine to rule out other conditions. He said he doesn’t expect anything to come from the mri but I cannot stop worrying. He mentioned possible lesions which to me would make sense in explaining what’s going on. My anxiety has gone through the roof and all I can can do is think about it. Should I be so worried?

hi david

it is normal to be worried when having tests for any health condition.

you have seen a consultant, hopefully an ms specialist consultant.

i have constantly burning feet which stop me from sleeping more than 3 hours.

there is a cooling spray Magicool which could help you but not on nhs you have to buy it - amazon and tesco sell it.

constant worry is no good for you so lay it in the hands of your neuro and find distraction in a good book, film, beer etc.

your homework is to knock the anxiety on the head!

carole x

Thanks for the advice Carole! Hope you’re doing well!