Worried about symptoms

Hi there I’m new to this but thought someone may have some advice for me, I’m 41 and for the last 10 months I’ve been having intermittent pain, tingling, vibrating and cold water sensations down my right leg, and especially my foot, and in the last month my right arm has similar symptoms, at first they thought it was a lumbar slipped disc but that turned out negative, I’m now awaiting an MRI brain scan as I had one a couple of years ago which showed some scarring, I’m also fatigued most of the time and dizzy, I’ve been given amitriptaline 20mg which help me sleep and just takes the edge off the symptoms. I’ve now got to wait til January to see my pain specialist with the results and I’m worried sick as to what this could be, the only reason I’m on this site is that every time I google my symptoms ms seems to pop up every time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Wendy x

Hi Wendy, How frustrating and worrying for you. However, I can’t help but think that it seems strange that you haven’t been referred by the pain specialist to a neurologist. If something does show up, it just means more waiting to get the referral through. Could you go to your gp, explain the situation and see if they can refer you to a neurologist in the interim, as they will be better placed to interpret your symptoms? Hope you get somewhere soon. X

Thanks for answering…its been so frustrating as I’ve been passed from pillar to post in walton neuro liverpool, they’ve now told me once I get these MRI results I will finally see a neurologist as they think it is something to do with my brain, my gp has been very helpful and I’m going back to him tomorrow as I’ve been experiencing a new symptom where my head has started to shake involuntary mostly at night, I find this really scary and can’t help but worry what’s going on with me, I just need some answers finally xx

Why are they doing just head and not a repeat of spine as well I wonder? It is a big wait for neuro at Walton but I guess if they see anything it would be an urgent appt. Good luck Axx

I don’t know to be honest he did just mention the brain but it could also be the spine too, I’ll ask my gp tomorrow as he gets the copies of all the letters x