Help please!

So currently I think I’m going crazy ! (Or falling apart!)

can someone please help me?

im 35 I have 3 kids a wonderful partner and up until 6 months ago life was great ! If not hectic and tiring ! But then something started going very wrong. I have been suffering with stomach problems to the point if I want to leave the house I can’t actually eat - leaves me doubled over in agony dizzy weak and rushing to a bathroom. Ms never crossed my mind but 3 months ago I woke to tingling in my left hand (not helpful when your left handed!) my grip has weakened to the point I can barely write my name or text - panic ! I have been back and for the docs and happened to mention my hand - I thought it was a trapped nerve or something - she sent me to physio who then told me I have a weakness down my entire left side and I needed neurological tests. That was 3 weeks ago I’m waiting to see my gp (end of the mo th) but now my hand is numb and it’s spreading up my arm to the point it feels like it doesn’t belong to me. My legs are starting to feel extremely weird as well weak and tingling one minute and stiff the next - pins and needles in my toes most of the time will admit the idea I might have ms never crossed my mind and I know nothing about it but naively I presumed that symptoms took a long time to get worse ?

Really trying not to panic about this and keep going tho I’m currently not in work due to stomach issues I’m really struggling to kept my life style the days are getting so hard to get through I’m so tired constantly even after a nights sleep I’m exhausted! Is this normal ms symptoms?!


First of all, don’t panic. There are many symptoms which are shared by MS and other diagnoses. The one thing that doesn’t sound like MS to me is the upset stomach. So it’s entirely possible that what you have is not MS.

Having said that, it does sound like getting an appointment with your GP and then probably a referral to a neurologist should happen a bit quicker than the end of the month.

If you are really suffering, and the weakness, pins and needles and odd feelings are not improving or getting worse, you could either phone for an urgent appointment with your GP, or at a push, go to A&E.

Don’t expect that you definitely have MS, it could be something simple like a vitamin deficiency, B12 can mimic MS, as can a severe vitamin D deficiency. And there are many other disorders which can share symptoms with MS.

So, try to get some help a bit quicker than the end of the month, and try not to worry.


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Hi Ssssue, I’m new to this forum and not yet starting new thread as my questions may not fit into other threads so coming up here. Have got a lot of symptoms mentioned in these threads. I always thought whether I had MS or RA but neither diagnosed yet. I was a usually fit and healthy girl until in 2012, I had pain started in my groin which spread down to the back of my leg to feet accompanied by stone cold legs. Doctors thought it was sciatica however the pain never went away. Rather it became worse on my calf and by 2014, had same symptoms on my arms where pain and cold arms. From there on, it went quickly progressing. By beginning of 2016, I had pain on most of my joints on top of pains I have generally on my muscles of arms and legs. I kept going to gym but by then, I lost the ability to cycle as there was no strength to my legs or if I could put it more right it words, my muscles felt like they underwent a huge marathon run even when I was on the start to bicycle on non slope roads. Then I was pregnant with my first baby. 3 months post delivery, the symptoms came full on but with the weakness and pain on my both arms. I still went to gym but the cervical area of spine went madly hurting after each gym although I never lifted weights or any arm exercises. In the last year, a lot has happened. My weakness on both arms and legs gone worse to the point that I’m dropping things or my muscles going extremely tired from shoulder below, and from buttocks below, all the way down to my arm, even if I hold the mobile for just two minutes to attend calls. My neck pain is constant and now I completely stopped gym for 7 months. My whole joints hurt and US scan showed inflammation however rheumatologist confirmed there is no sign of arthritis as the swelling was absent on most joints. Had an MRI once in 2013 and one last year. Came clear. Don’t know if it was brain or just spine. My current symptoms are as follows Very weak arms and legs muscles all the way even at rest, muscles specifically feel tired. Two episodes of going funny and didn’t know where I was or thought that I was seeing my home for the very first time. , then slept for full 4 hours each time only to wake up tired( doctors blamed the low ferritin) Dropping things Cold and slightly blue arms and legs Numbness that comes and goes sometimes on just two toes, on two fingers and one side of face on it own. Numbness in pubic area too Increased stiff neck Extreme pain in coccyx area which doesn’t allow me to sit longer than 030 minutes. In the last two months, i forget the right word during conversations, couldn’t remember my colleagues name I worked 2 months with, when I wanted to call her and sometimes I get confused to remember the things I used to do everyday and feel like I’m doing it for the first time. Eg I hang my bag in the workplace in a specific place and the other day I thought I was doing it for the first time but had to consciously remind me that it’s not the first time. I just turned 30. I was only 24 when it first started. Had an EMG test last week showed all good and the neuro just said he don’t think it’s MS. They just send me home with no further follow ups and here I am suffering with pain, awake 1 am, looking at this forum. Should I be worried? I was s healthy girl in my 20s and it’s weird that my arms and legs went weak. I’m not doing a lot of things the people in my age do. That’s frustrating me especially because I have no diagnosis yet. What should my next step be? Once it all started, it only ever progressed quick and got worse, and I know w it’s going to get even worse in the next year, if I just left it aside. Thanks in advance for your advice. I’m great ful that you guys exist.


follow sssue’s advice. it’s usually spot on.


see your gp and ask for a referral to neurology.


If you’ve seen a neurologist who doesn’t think it’s MS, then it probably isn’t.

Do you have a follow up appointment with the neuro? If not, then see your GP and ask where you go from here.

In the meantime, whichever applies, start keeping a diary of your symptoms. Go back as far as you can remember and write a timeline: when symptoms started, whether they lasted or went away. And obviously for future events.

If you get to see the neurologist again, then ask what else it could be if not MS.

Bear in mind that MS does share a lot of symptoms with other diagnoses, so I’m not suggesting that it is or isn’t a specific thing like MS, it could even be something like a vitamin deficiency. And if you’ve had MRIs, then chances are it’s not MS. I hope your GP has had your blood tested, for vitamin D and B12 as well as for other things, like over or under active thyroid.

Best of luck