Introducing myself!

Hi folks,

I’ve been loitering around these boards, reading but not posting, for about a year now, ever since my GP couldn’t find an explanation for my fatigue and leg weakness. Since then I’ve had problems with my leg buckling, muscle spasms in pretty much every part of my body (the hiccups amuse my pupils!) and particularly painful back spasms. I saw a neurologist in May, had an MRI in June and got the results today. Of course, I’m awkward, so whilst my neurologist is pretty sure I have relapsing remitting MS, there are some ambiguities so she’s taken bloods to rule other things out, and is sending me for a lumbar puncture. Having said that, we talked frankly about it, and it’s most likely I have MS, so I felt it was time to post on here and say hi to you lovely people!

So, a little about me. I’m 30, a teacher working with kids with additional support needs. I live in central Scotland, I’m a Buddhist and I write novels - though nothing is published yet! I’m really interested in getting involved with the MS Society, either through fundraising or raising awareness, and whilst I know it’s quite a scary journey ahead of me in many ways, I’m feeling positive and ready to take it on!

Hope to be around here and chatting to people when I can,


Hi Ellie, You and I sound as though we are in simar places at the moment. I’m 28, a teacher too, and waiting for a lumbar puncture to rule some things out/confirm neuro’s suspicions. It sounds as though your neuro has been quite straightforward with you, which is good. Mine was a bit wishy-washy with the facts, not sure if he was sugar-coating or if it’s just that he genuinely isn’t sure about what’s going on. I wish I’d have known even 10% of what I know now when I last saw hin as I would have asked about a hundred questions! Hope you get some answers soon xx

Welcome :slight_smile: Ooh I’d love to write a book but lack confidence! Hope you get answers soon. Sam x

Hi Ellie! Sorry but Doctors don’t know much about MS. They trying now. But still the do not know much about it. Rahma x

Hi Ellie, I’m an ex-Montessori teacher, 39, a Reiki practitioner and mum. I’ve been on the boards for about a year too. I’ve been keeping a symptom diary for the past twelve months, just been back to see the GP who has ordered a whole batch of blood tests. It’s a start. I feel like a right newbie here though… I wonder what your novel is about? Good luck with that!

Hi Ellie and welcome. Do you want anyone to read your novel lol I read books like they’re oxygen. Good luck with the rest of your tests A

Hi Ellie, welcome. I’m sure you’ll find lots of support here

Sharon x