Saw my Occupational Therapists for the 1st time yesterday and to be honest I came away feeling like I’d been banging my head against a brick wall. They are full of good intentions but very misguided as they want me to take contract work back on and think that my contract employers will make concessions for me. They won’t. Why would they? They would just take another suitable candidate who won’t cause them as much hassle with having to make changes in the workplace to compensate for my mobility problems. These are not permanent jobs that I’m going for but 2 or 3 month contracts, just couldn’t seem to make the OT’s get this. Frustrating.

Hi, sorry, but do you mean Occupational Health bods at work?

Occupational therapists are the bods that visit us at home, to see what they can do to make home life safer and easier.

If it is OH (work) and they make recommendations at work, then employers have to take notice, I think.

If I`ve got it wrong, then I do apologise.


No it’s not at work ( there is no work) but they are from the hospital I did not think that OT’s were like this if anything I found them more like psychiatric specialists as they kept talking about negativity and depression.

Hello again hun.

Oh I see. But the OTs I have seen (all at my house) have been nothing but helpful, pleasant and eager to help. Perhaps you have been unlucky with the ones you`ve seen.

Are you fit for work? Yes, I can see what you mean about contract employers not wanting to help you.

luv Pollx

I’m self-employed (a contractor) and I’m just really lucky that the company I’m currently placed with is more interested in what I can do than anything else.

It’s difficult when you don’t get the benefits an employee would get. With the number of hospital appointments I’ve had to squeeze in, I’m really lucky that they let me make up time when I can. It’s not been a good year though and I’m really quite worried about what the future will hold. I can only work the same contract as my husband as he’s my only means of transport etc.

I can imagine how frustrating you would find it as it’s driving me mad already (recently diagnosed)

Sonia x

Earth calling Planet Public Sector? :slight_smile: Sorry you are struggling to get through! I hope that you do find someone nice to work for, but well-meaning OTs who haven’t much of a clue probably aren’t going to help you find one. Good luck, though. Alison

Thanks. It was an odd experience not at all what I was expecting, I do think (hope) I could work although my fatigue has increased, they asked me to look at alternatives to my type of job, I’ve already done this and drawn a blank. I won’t be going back for another meeting as I now seem to spend more time at hospital appointments than ever.