Occupational health day - gulp!

Don’t really know why I am posting just nervous I guess. Not sure what difference occupational health will make. I currently work part time already but am finding whole days really difficult. Fatigue has been a lot worse lately. Can anyone else share there experiences of going for occupational health assessment for work? Thanks Mish x

My Occ Health were absolutely fantastic when I was working. The first thing they said to me was “we are here to help it easier for you to work”. They supplied me with an air cond machine, a larger computer screen, a change in hours etc etc. They were brilliant so don’t worry.

Hope it goes well.

Shazzie xx

Hi, would it be easier to do less hours over more days? Perhaps not. But I just wondered.

Hope OH can help.


Hi thanks for your replies. I didnt need to worry. Appointment went well and yes, they are going to suggest cutting hours a little and spreading over more days, which would be great if they do. Just hope employer decides to follow their advice. Time will tell eh? Thanks again Mish x

To be honest Mish your employer has to follow their advice. I was told by my Manager at the time that they have to carry out Occ Health’s advice under the Disability Discrimination Act. Not sure how true this is but my employers followed all advice given.

Fingers crossed eh?

Glad it went well though.

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie Occupational health person said he could only recommend and that they do not have to follow advice. So not sure if they do or not. My hours were changed from mornings to whole days to save me taking time off to fit around my rebif injections as it made me so poorly. However working whole days has always been difficult. I have to come off rebif now and am now on copaxone which suits me much better. I asked for them to be changed back as I thought was only a temporary change but was told it wasn’t possible. I was offered OH and thought I would try it. Hopefully they will listen now though. Still like you say fingers crossed. Mish x

Hi Mish

I hope they take Occ Health’s advice. I am not 100% sure of the law on this just what was said to me at the meeting. Perhaps we could start a new post asking if anyone knows whether Occ Health has any clout or not. (If you know what I mean).

Also, good luck with Copaxone.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I haven’t told work about my MS at all and sometimes I wonder if I should. I work 4 days compressed to 3 and it is hard but suits me with my children. I can spend the other 2 days with my kids. I work from home on my last workin day so its perfect. Wondering if OH can advise something that you don’t want but they think you should be doing?

To go through OH my employer and myself both signed a form that agreed to me being assessed. Not sure if that is always the case. You get a chance to talk to the OH about any problems you think you are having in relation to work due to symptoms. On the referral form my employer also wrote what help or advise they wanted. The OH then writes a report giving their opinion as to fitness for work, hours that would suit you best etc and help you to continue working. I will have the chance to see report but can only correct any factual inaccuracies in report I cannot change what is said…if that makes sense. Hope that helps a bit.