DLA walking ???????

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has any advice on answering walking questions on DLA claim form, how far, how fast etc. I vary from unable to move full stop to several metres at a time with regular rests, my actual gait is very variable but don’t need assistance other than a stick at times, but wouldn’t b able to get up if fell down. No idea how to describe this in one sentence questions! Any advice appreciated.

Hi Wanda never use 1 word when you can use 100,never tick boxes always answer as full as you can,give your worst and then if you are examined by a doc you can explain more fully.

Use each part and answer it at great lenghths even it means reapeating yourself over and over again,and keep a copy of everything they are beggers for saying they didnt get your forms,most of all good luck. Barbara.xx

Hi Wanda. The only advice I can give is to look at the benefitsandwork site, which has a really good guide to filling out the DLA form.

It costs about £20 for a years subscription. If that’s a problem, send me a message and you can use my login.

Mags xx

I read this and thought the same, share and share alike.

Sonia x

On ALL forms you should truthfully put the worst situation you can be in. I humbly suggest that ,“I’m unable to walk the majority of the time”, is a perfectly acceptable answer. The way the questions are framed on the DWP Inquisition forms is that your answers must link up to form the big picture. The big picture must be supported by your GP and Neuroligist.


l agree with Woblyboy - This condition - we all share - can change from one minute to the next. Sometimes l can get about the kitchen with out holding on - then l find l cannot get up and need my rollator - which l have left outside on the decking - lts times like this l wish l could whistle it and it would come to heel!! So always put the worst scenario. Especially as you know that if you did fall down you would be struggling to get up.

lf you are ever requested to go to be interviewed/cross examined - refuse - and state that they will have to come to you. Because if you do go - no matter how much of a struggle it is for you to make the effort to get there - automatically they will think - well she’s got here so she must be OK.



Don’t forget the question is how far you can go without being in severe discomfort.

If you can walk 400 metres but are in severe discomfort after 1 meter then the answer is 1 meter.

Be honest & use your own words.

There are plenty of free guides available on-line (disability law service) without paying some-one £20 every year for their ‘expertise’. No doubt when pip comes in they will charge £20 for this as well !! They may even get their expertise themselves on-line. Who knows!!



Hi Wanda

When I did mine I attended the CAB to help me complete the form. I remember she said that I should put as much as possible about how my inability to walk 24/7 affects my life so I remember I put on the form how I have to wake my husband twice in the night to assist me to the toilet, then wait for me and guide me back to the bedroom. Also helping me to my feet during the day and, even on the days when I can walk with just a stick very slowly, having to have someone close in case I fall. So I remember I said that I needed help sometimes 10 times in 24hrs.

All depends how your walking is. It sounds as if you are like me, sometimes you can walk with a stick and sometimes you can’t walk at all.

I remember the lady at CAB said to complete the form as if you were explaining how you feel on the bad days.

Hope this helps.

Take care


Dear Francis,I think you need remote control fitting to your Roller.People are amazed when I move either of my Buggies when I’m sat next to it,and just using the hand controls.

Wb x

Hi, great advice from the other replies, but why not describe it just as you did here, you gave a pretty good description yourself. Cheryl:-)

Thanx a lot all of you, the support and advice is very much appreciated, will let you know how I get on. At present I’m getting 25p a week ESA. Atos advised nhs to pay me pension early cos can’t work, then said I’m fit for work in wrag rather than support gp, so hey ho see what happens!

I think you should speak to your local disability group if you have on or your local CAB as they will have somebody espesically for help filling in your form and will know what to put down to get you the most money.

I went to my local disability group and a guy filled the form in for me because my handwriting is awfull and I was awarded the higher rate on both mobility and care

It really helps espesically as I am unemployed. Good luck

Most of the questions ask if you have difficulty or need help. And you need tou read them and see the difficulty bit.