DLA recievers who get HR Mobility...

What is ther extent of your mobility issues, and what did you write?

Ive filled mine in and its ready to go! Ive told them how my balance is bad, my feet are numb and I stumble 4 - 5 times a day. That i can only walk about 45 mtrs before my knee starts hurting because I have to lock my leg stop it giving way under me and that I then start dragging it and have to stop every so often to rest for 5 minutes. How when Im indoors I sometimes have to grab walls or furniture to catch myself as I stumble. And that my walking is really slow and it takes me about a minute and a half to get that 45 mtrs because of how I walk…

Ive been honest, but used my worst day as suggested by others. Does it sound like anyone elses that got awarded High Rate?? I know you can never really guess what they will decide but at least I’ll have a vague idea.

I “think” I have just been awarded HRM (see my recent post). Just waiting on my decision letter. Once I know for sure I will PM you will more details.

The one thing I did was NOT write about my worst day. I had been told by many to do this but then I read a thread from a DLA decision maker saying not to do this. I found that when I was filling in my forms that they ask you how many days a week you had problems for ie. I said I had problems with cooking a meal as the fatigue was bad and I have a weak left arm. I said this was approx 5 days a week. The same went for falls, walking etc.

I did not get any help with my form apart from my mum who is the most honest person I know so the whole truth and nothing but the truth was put on my forms (not that you haven’t)

Any specific questions you want to know please ask x

i just told the truth ,limp when walkin,walk very slow,use stick,balance poor etc,toss a coin to seee if you get it ,good luck

heads lol

yeah I know its a bit hit and miss with them! Luck of whoever gets your form and what kind of day there having lol

When I was awarded Higher Rate DLA my mobility issues weren’t as bad as yours apparently are.

I did have a home visit to be assessed by a doctor (who was lovely)

Good Luck!

Hi, I told `em that i was unable to walk 20 steps without tripping, having pain in my hip and thigh, I was fed up of kissing the ground!

Sounds to me like you qualify.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

I’m no expert but it sounds to me like you should get it. My walking wasnt as bad as yours sounds when I first got it, although it is worse now. I also had a dr assess me at home, don’t be scared, this is a great opportunity to show them what you can and can’t do. Good luck with your claim. Cheryl:-)

Thanks all :slight_smile:

There is an MS leaflet that goes through the form and explains how you should format your responses. It should help you get across just how MS affects your mobility day to day.

yeah i did it with CAB. Got a letter from them saying that they think I should be entitled to HR mobility and LR care and I should contact them if I get turned down and they will help me appeal :slight_smile:

It took from Jan to Sept to get my DLA sorted. I was awarded High rate mobility right from the start but was only given low rate care but a friend who works in the health profession said to appeal as he was sure I qualified for Middle rate at least.

I eventually, after a number od ‘telephone’ interviews received a visit from a neurologist who obviously specialised in MS as he took a good deal of time explaining what MS was and what the problems were to the nerve pathways. (This was very good of him as my consultant never had!). While I excused myself to pay a visit to the loo he told my hubby that he shouldn’t worry as he was convinced I would get Mid rate care.

At the beginning of Sept I fnally received notice that my appeal had gone through and that it was backdated to January.

Good luck. Ann