Afternoon gang.

Now then, I know I can get stuff off me chest here and I will get support from my cyber buddies. So here’s what’s occurring chez moi!

After being a full time wheelie for many, many moons and having enjoyed holidays wit t’other half, until he gave up saying a holiday with me ain’t an holiday for him! I’ve had a few hols in Blackpool with me smashing 2 carers.

But I wanna do summat more exciting,…no, I don’t wanna fly t’moon, nor swim with sharks, I just fancy flying off to Barcelona! Is that too much to ask? My caring twosome looked like I’d lined em up against a wall to shoot em when I told em.

Now, as is my norm, ive done lots of research and feel I could do it. BUT one reckons I am too big (14st) to fit into a plane seat, also that I won’t cope for 2.5hrs flying…I won’t need to squeeze into WC, as I have an spc. which will take care of needing a wee!.

They reckon travel insurance would be sky high…so I got a bit peeved and said I would accept an offer of another lady carer I know, to accompany me, if it is too daunting for them.

Now I feel like sacking one of my carers as she has been so negative about the idea and made other unsavoury comments to boot!

What do ya reckon guys?


Poll, I’d say go for it. I’ve flown to Spain before. The assistance at airports is brilliant and means you skip all the queues. Even though I’m not wheelchair bound I can’t walk far. They wheeled me right up to the gate. I can manage to walk onto the plane but if you can’t they have a special lift to get you on the plane. I don’t let MS stop me going anywhere I want. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Mind you, my last few holidays have been cruises which I find really easy for me. My insurance for Spain was about £20 for a week. Get it booked girl!!

Hi Poll

I really don’t think 14st is that big in fact I have seen people much much bigger on my travels, I think your carer has a bit of a cheek saying that, maybe she’s jelous .

Why not go if your confident enough,take your carer the one that wants to go and what about a friend, I. Sure you must have some that would love to go.

good luck



I was thinking of doing Barca too , later this yr for my bday. I am in a wheelchair too and have found 2 flights ok as long as you have all the assistance booked.

The only slight issue was transferring from my wheelchair to the plane wheelie to get you to your seat, it’s quite small as it has to get down the aisle. I remember being sat in my seat and thinking it was nice to be out of a wheelchair for a change!! the assistance people were excellent.

I went to Dublin and the insurance was based partly on how many days you had spent in hospital overnight due to MS. That particular year it was 0 so it was not extorniate. You could always get a few quotes first.

I reckon go for it, esp if you have good support

hi polly

go to barcelona! it’s meant to be.

take the willing carer and A.N.Other.

don’t sack the negative carer but regale her with tales of all the fun you had.

carole x

Don’t let her put you off Poll, I say go for it if you have a rubbish time at least you tried. As schoey23 has pointed out the only problem I can see is the transfer from wheelchair to seat, you know your limits and if you think it’s possible, then it’s possible.

I’ve just got insurance for a week in Turkey for £41.00 with Direct Travel. I couldn’t get a quote online to cover my condition so I rang them and they honoured the online discount.

Go for it poll…you know you want to

Jan x

Cheers all and thank you for your wonderful support, positivity and advice, much appreciated!

Things and feelings have yo-yoed since my post…bad to good and now not so good!,

Carer 2 . I knew she was upset when I reacted to her negative and unkind comments, she has told carer 1 (who happens to be my sister and carer 2’s best friend), but this morning I’d calmed down and didn’t wish to sack her.

I gave both of them the details of Enable holidays and suggested they look it up and see how great they are, at taking the worry out of holiday planning for disabled folk. I also told them which hotel I was interested in. I usually pay for everything and pay them wages, but said a foreign holiday may need a small contribution from them.

Sis said fine, carer 2 said she can’t afford to pay. Now I know for a fact that she has more brass than me and sis put together!

Anyway sis rang me and said neither of them want go with me now. I asked if they had looked at enable and was told no. Well if people don’t research stuff, how are they ever going to see a different viewpoint?

Its times like this when disabled and able bodied are divided, in it?

Mmm, methinks the sack is hovering again!

What do you reckon now mateys?pollx

I’d defo say go for it Poll! Would your sister go with you, without the other carer? Not sure if you could manage with just one carer? They really should have at least looked at the details you found.

I wouldn’t worry about your size Poll, I think I’m roughly the same weight & about one year ago I flew to Houston! My hubby is my carer & were well looked after. I’m in a w/chair full time & the only thing that was a little bit tricky was the aisle chair needed to get me to my seat, it’s quite narrow for obvious reasons!..but I managed & you would too.

Is there another person that could go with you to help Poll? Such a shame if you’re put off, it really is do able

Rosina x

Hi Poll

If it was me I would play the game of getting sister back on side. You can always find a second Carer later.

Play nice…for now with second Carer and let her know there are no hard feelings.

Look at the bigger picture Poll…blood is thicker than water at the end of the day

Noreen xx

Cheers again pals! I am hanging fire!



You will fit into the plane - no fear on that hun. As long as you can afford to pay the insurance then go for it. You seem to have done all the research but I think that the carers are scared that it will all be too much for you and they will be ‘left to pick up the pieces’ so to speak!!!

Hang on to your dreams hun - if anyone can do it then you can.

I just wish I could go with you - I’ve been one - many moons ago and loved it.

JBK xx

Ta guys. I’m still working on the whole thing.


Hi guys! Got some good news for ya and I am oh so chuffin excited!!!

Decided to take my lovely morning carer Bev. She’s a wonderful lass and I know I’ll be fine with her. Before she came to work for me, her client was a larger than me lady, who was a full timewheelie.

Bev took her abroad several times, without any problems at all! In fact Bev has urged me not heed the doubts of my other carers.

So it’s all booked. 4th Sept for just 3 night’s, for a recky…we’ll show the doubting Thomases just what Boudicca and Bev are made of.


Love Pollxx

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Go for it girl!!!

Whoopee Poll. Yah will have a great time


That’s great Poll, I can’t wait for the post holiday stories

Jan x

well done Poll - it’s a beautiful city Guell (sp) Park, Las Ramblas, - and some outstanding eateries. If you want a day at the seaside short train ride to Sitges - the ‘light’ is perfect there which is why it became an artists centre. - if I remember rightly the station is near the promenade.

Good on you, excited for you!!

Good for you Poll - I hope you have a lovely time - with a little bit of adventure.


JBK xx

Poll great to hear you’ve got it sorted. Boudica on her travels! Watch out Barcelona Boudica’s got things she needs to see and experience. Way to go girl!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Food is extremely good and lots to see. Linda x