oooo eck!

allo friends! Tis a gloomier day than of late, here in West Yorkshire! But hey-ho, thoughts of spring filter through.

Now then…i need your support guys, please.

Having booked my holiday in Barcelona in Sept and paid a sizeable deposit, my excitement has just been turned to the collywobbles.

I thought I would look up the dress code for Barcelona and have had me timbers shivered!

Whilst giving me the suggested suitable apparel, I then read about how Barcelona is the worst place for pickpockets and their means of robbing tourists.

Okay, I am not that naive as to think holidaymakers never have any such problems, but I feel a bit sick at the likelihood of being targetted.

I`ve been reading about pacsafe products, in particular neck pouches. They have a steel strengthened strap and overall composition. Methinks me and friend should buy one each.

So, any thoughts on the subject and pacsafe stuff?

luv Pollyxx

i went to Palma with hubby , he is in the food industry so he likes a bit of a bus man’s holiday and likes to go visiting supermarkets, now not my idea of fun and especially as it would use up invaluable energy. I said leave me in the square and you can leave me some cash, which i duly went to put in my walker , he nearly went ballistic, at that i stuff the money down my bra, needless to say , nobody came near, Just an idea, however you could get one of those belts and put your top over it


cheers Trish. That helps.

luv pollx

Another thing is you get people coming up asking if you have dropped a ring which they duly show you, don’t stop and converse and also have a great time Barcelona it is a good city to see, the food market is great again hubby’s busman holiday but this is worth seeing


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you will be ok Poll, but you need your wits about you, you need to be on your guard,both you and your carer,they are very clever the way they trick people, trust no one,while you are there, i found out that its a really bad reputation,such a shame it looks such a beautiful place,but its the same the world over, the safest place ive ever been to is Menorca,they left our villa kesy on the table,with the doors open… there arent many places you can still do that is there?

I can speak some Spanish, learned when living in Gibraltar…eons ago!

No lo quiero! I don’t want it!


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You can buy a purse chain that you clip onto you belt loop and the other end to the zip of your purse the will give you room to take it out but it cant be snatched or picked from a pocket.

If you contact your local crime prevention officer at the police sometimes they give them away to people,some t even have a small bell attached to them so you can also hear if someone tries to take your purse,this may give you some confedence and hope that you then can enjoy the break.


My husband had his pocket picked in Barcelona some years ago, on his birthday just to add insult to injury,so I would say be very careful. I didn’t have any mobility problems then.

We were targeted on the underground, we think when we were heard speaking English - holidaymakers are often off their guard. Two young women pushed between us, I thought they were after my bag which I was holding on to like my life depended on it.

The police blamed Romanian gypsies/travellers.

fortunately he was only carrying enough money for the day out, the rest was locked in the hotel safe.

Enjoy. xx