white rabbits and frazzled brains!

Okay, my post’s title is a tad tardy, to welcome in July…scorchio indeed!

Phew innit chuffin’ hot!! How’s everyone coping? Who’s got their ice jacket on?

I’m in/on me bed…can’t be bothered to get up and dressed, but I’ve had had a bed bath and clean nightie on, so I ain’t pongy!!

Now, to why my brains are frazzled…apart from the heat I mean?

Yesterday my carer who is accompanying me to Barcelona, said her partner had said he didn’t want her to go, following the wicked atrocity in Tunisia. Hey, I’d had a few wobbles mesen, but having paid out £1,390, I decided not to make a rash decision and googled the Home Office for advice. Vigilance is the order of the day, but no flight cancellations. Well there wouldn’t be, eh…not for as far off as September!!

I rang Enable, my holiday company and was told 'Spain is as safe as anywhere and if I do cancel, I would lose £800! To be honest I expected more!

Right…what do I do now? I thought.

I’ll take a look round the UK and see what might be an alternative I could afford. I looked a Spa hotels, country manors, highly rated seaside hotels…I was shocked at my findings…IF owt had vacancies that is. I tried York, Chester, Scarborough, Lancashire…No vacancies except for 1 at almost a grand…and for just 3 nights to boot!!! The word disabled threw all sorts of spanners into the works!

This morning, I tried mini cruises…again I struggled…there were cabins available BUT, yes, once the dreaded ‘D’ word was mentioned, nowt was available. I ‘pushed the boat out’ ( groan) and asked about upgrades from inside/outside cabins, to balcony staterooms, with wheelchair specs and phew… we were talking £670+.each!!! Hey, for 3 nights. I dunno how I managed to get such a good deal for next May…booking early, I guess.

Next we discussed 2 night cruises… it is a long schlep from Halifax to Southampton, but I folded and said OK.

Then I rang the accessible coaching company to book my places…but was told, ‘Sorry, we don’t do 2 nighters!’

Arrgghh! More brain pain!

I gave up, just as my carer was arriving and she saw my predicament.

We said ,‘Spain’s back on!’

Need a lie down now…oh, I am in bed, so that’s summat I CAN do, eh?

Love Polly x

i wouldnt let it bother you Poll, this terrorist threat we live with is worldwide, there isnt anywhere safe,nowdays,it can happen here just as much as it can happen anywhere,i cant believe whats happening in the world,since 9/11, i fear for our kids and grandkids having to grow up in such an evil world,how lucky were we growing up in what seemed a much safer world,

Those poor,poor souls .

J x

Hi Poll

i wouldn’t get too worried as Mrs J says it could happen anywhere. Life’s too short to worry about these people.

I honestly don’t think there is any totally safe place. It’s just the way things are I’m afraid.

My sympathies to everyone involved and I feel for the Tunisian people this is their livlihood.

Mags xx

Hi Poll glad Spain is back on, would have been an awful shame for you to have missed out on that. like everyone has said no where could be safe potentially, but do we stop living because of it? Horrible, horrible events of last week have left the world reeling, but I’m sure we shouldn’t let these mindless murderers control all aspects of life,in an indirect way they would have an upper hand again,putting the world in fear, they shouldn’t get away with it, I hope they rot in hell for all the lives they have destroyed, not just Tunisia, but everywhere they have caused so much pain & injected their poison.

A suggestion would have been Llandudno, ok, not as exciting as Spain or a cruise, but hotels on sea front & they cater mostly for disabled people, everywhere accessible, & theres a theatre. Not bad for shopping either. Reasonable prices & the accommodation is superb! Worth a thought Tracey x

Thanks all…very sensible buddies!

Tracey, re Llandudno, we are booked in at the Esplanade for 4 nights in june next year! Report will follow!

Luv pollx

You’ll love it Poll!!! Awesome when the Great Orm is lit up, quite surreal Enjoy your jollies Tracey x