my week

Hi all.

Been a horrendous week for me…couldnt write about it…now see the light…and feeling better…

cancelled my holiday to Barcelona…got cold feet…chickened out…lots of tears and crap…going to a spa…where? blackpool where else?

others problems family wise…

still going on mini-cruise next May…


Hey Poll,

What a shame about Barcelona but it you are not 100% absolutely confident then thats your call . But i’m sure you will love the spa. Pedicures are so nice - just lying there having your feet massaged - heavenly

Glad you’re feeling a bit better - lots of hugs heading your way.

Take care sweetie

JBK xxxxxx

Sorry you’ve had to cancel Brcelona I know how much you looked forward to it. The Spa sounds great nothing nicer that a good firm massage and spoiling yourself. I always fancied a cruise but haven’t found the courage to go…yet.

I hope the other things sort themselves out soon.

Nice and cool here today, cool enough to sit in the conservatory. Didn’t stay in there long though I spotted a flying ant! I had MILLIONS last year I even considered getting the conservatory taken down, I must have a nest under it I know I have them under the drive.

Keep smiling Poll

Jan x


I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had to cancel your trip to Barcelona, I know you were really looking forward to it (and also sorry to hear that you’ve had other cr@p going on, hope it all gets resolved soon).



sorry you have cancelled Barcelona Poll,but Blackers will be good,

hope the family probs get sorted too


J x

hi poll

that is such a b@$t@rd having to cancel hols- we’ve had to this twice before and I know it really gets you low. As has probably gone through your mind, its better to be feeling $hite at home rather than anywhere else, and at least if you’re in a spa you are presumably a lot closer to home.

Try to not give yourself a hard time, as its a sensible decision to make, and you can always go again another year. take care and look forward to your spa. try to get a massage by a young hunky bloke as im sure that is essential to forgetting your woes!

fluffyollie xx

Aw, so sorry about all the negative things, but yay that you’re perking up a bit now. I know I’ve not been on here long, but your strength of will is hard to miss, Poll, your positive attitude is a real lift to all of us, so keep on truckin’

Pigshite - but chill out and relax at your spoiley spa - Hugs - Mary

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Awww Poll. I don’t comment much on here anymore but noticed your thread and had to comment. Afterall, you have been so much help to all of us and you deserve all the hugs you get.

You poor poor thing. You must be gutted having to cancel but getting cold feet is a good reason to cancel.

You enjoy your beautiful spa and look forward to your mini cruise.


Shazzie xx

Thanks all. still a bit fragile…if you can imagine a roly poly 15st woman looking fragile!

Tell ya, my sense of humour will always find it`s way out!

got daughter and 2 grandkids here for a few days…house is a tip…so what…chuff it!


Hi Poll - only just read your thread and so sorry to hear you’ve had to cancel your hols.

Sending big hugs…

Enjoy the grandchildren and don’t worry 'bout the house. You could always get them to do the tidying up!

love Hazel


Hi Poll

Sorrry to hear you have called time on your trip to Barcelona, but I honestly think if you have any doubts about it, then you have made the right decision.

Enjoy your family visiting and then you have a lovely spa to look forward to, don’t worry about the house, they will have come to see you.

Hope that little bundle of fluff is filling you with so much love and pleasure.

Take care ((((hugs))))

Pam x