wings on wheels

Allo again…me talking holidays.

I`ve been searching for a coach company which will take us wheelies on board and got a sore finger from all the typing.

BUT someone told me about wings on wheels.

They look brill.

Not got a reply from my e mail yet.

Anyone heard of them?


Not heard of them poll but good luck i hope this is the one. A holiday is just what you need, have you thought of phoning the ms society in london they might be able to point you in the right direction they may have some contacts we dont know off.

Theres a bokk that might be usefull to you its called A rough guide to accessible britain. to download the book for free or to read on line.

Good luck with your quest Barbara.xx

Sent you a pm poll hope it helps. Barbara.xx

Thanks for the pms. I had a call from Wings on Wheels this morning.

I dont think it is gonna be for me…but it could be an idea for some of you.

Each holiday price includes the services of a carer…even if you take your own! I dont get that!

This change of text style isnt at my request…???

Anyways, I asked for a general idea of cost for a holiday in UK and was told it would depend on what, where and when…of course I get that…but an example of a holiday to Malta very soon, costs around £1, 190 per person. for 6 days…not sure that`s how many days…I need to re-check that. I was also told the UK hols are usually dearer than that!

Do you think that`s expensive or not?

It doesnt include being picked up from your home, but everyone meets at Heathrow airport! Wot? Dont fancy that!

Think I`ll be sticking to Blackpool!

luv Pollx


It dosnt sound too good do you have to pay for the carer on top of that and would the carer be looking after you in the way you need it all sounds a bit iffy.

I think a lot more research is needed before anyone commits to this firm, i would,nt be happy turning myself over to someone i just met at the airport how do you know that your compatible if your not then your stuck with someone you dont like for the entire holiday,dos,nt sound right to me.

Take care Barbara.xx