Anybody used

To book as holiday with, just curious if they are reliable and trustworthy?? Any help appreciated, thanks

Hi, I have used them to book a cruise. The disabled cruise club is one and the same. Not been away yet, as the cruise is next may, but so far, all the arrangements have gone to plan.

I recently had to cancel a holiday I booked with Enable Holidays. I did get a bigger lump of the money back than I expected to. Again, the arrangements went ok and do remember, if you need disability aids, they do build up the overall costs. A holiday for disabled people is usually more expensive than otherwise…par for the course I`m afraid.

luv Pollx

Thank you Poll, well I hope all goes well for you in May, off anywhere nice? Lots of lovely food and shows, should be good.

havent booked anything yet, they seemed lovely and helpful on phone, just always a little nervous of unknown, and I do like to use a known company, just never used these before…but gotta try these things I guess xx

hi, as it is my 1st cruise, it`s a mini one - 3 nights. Southampton - an 8 hr coach journey from us - then to Zeebrugge, trip to Bruges - then down to Guernsey.

As I am a fulltime wheelie user, i cant get off the ship at Guernsey, as a tender is needed. For Bruges, i need an accessible taxi, as the cruiSe`s shuttle bus isnt suitable. Tell ya, being disabled = a lot of effort to do owt.

But,me being Boudica, i wont stop battling.

luv pollx

HII did look at disabled holidays, It Is more expensive, I went to Lanzarotte Costa Tequise,when I was fairly fit

still able to walk about, I was able to check out the accommodation, I need a walk In shower, not many rooms

have this mainly shower over the bath, but I have got one or to places I can recommend,I am going back In

October and hope to stay until March, whilst Its not good to sit In the sun for long periods, the natural vitimin D,

does you good, no point In going for 2 weeks, you will only just start to feel the benefit ,use disabled holidays to make

suggestions, but then look at the resorts site, some times Its better to book through, an agent on the Beach or Alpha rooms,

I will be pleased to help any one who thinks they might like to go.

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