NO Holiday!!.

Hi ive just booked a cruise with Riviera Travel. I was given a booking ref no. & conformation of deposit. I booked my insurance & ordered a passport mine was out of date. Id never updated it as with covid & MS I was not confident to travel. I have now accepted my MS & was excited by the thought of my new holiday. Today i got a call from RIVIERA TRAVEL telling me they were cancelling my trip due to my MS mobility it has knocked me back somewhat has any one else experienced similar. What can i do?

No I haven’t had this experience, but this makes me so cross … WHY, its ridiculous, I’m gobsmacked :rage: :rage:


Thank you makes me cross too :smiling_face:

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Hi Marion

That’s awful what reason did they give you, surely they can’t just say it’s because you have MS that’s outrageous.

Someone whose more knowledgeable than me will no doubt give you some advice, but this is so wrong.

Pam x

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They said in the worst scenario i would have to walk through 3 boats unaided aprox 45min walk i dont think im alone in saying i would need support of my companion. They said i could not be accepted.

No, but when we booked a cruise with Fred Olsen I was asked to sign a disclaimer saying that if at any point I needed more assistance than my husband could provide we would disembark and make our own arrangements to get home. It wasn’t worth the risk, if I fell he couldn’t pick me up without help, so we cancelled. I’ve been told it’s a common condition with a number of cruise operators when travelling with a disability.


Wow great customer care is that l customers or jus MS do you think?? X

Can you write to them, explain that they have a duty to make “reasonable adjustments” to cater for the fact that you are disabled, and that they are not doing this?
It’s really annoying that we are not allowed, as disabled people, to decide for ourselves where the risk outweighs the benefits. People always deciding for us, over our heads. They worry they will get sued, health and safety etc… Time they started to worry about litigation under the Equality Act?

Apparently they have the right to decide i am not fit to travel with them, i have asked them to put it in writing i will then ask a solicitor if they can do this. Its just upsetting as i thought i was getting on with my life. The fact they took my deposit and and we had talked over the possible struggles i could come across were agreed then changing there mind infuriating…

Is it a river cruise? Did they actually ask about your mobility or just assume? I ask as the river cruises I have looked at don’t even have accessible cabins, they are missing out, I would love to do the Danube one. Almost as good as the train, I mean you are in the city, obvs train more options. They do seem to be less spacious to walk around I won’t say wheel around as no accessible cabins! Apart from that solicitor, good story for the

Papers! Never been told or asked anything else on sea cruise

Well I will never even look at Fred Olsen!

A riviera cruise it would depend on your mobility but when i booked i was accepted some boats have lift from the bottom to the top to reach the sun deck you have to go up steps but try saga they will discuss it with you when i get a email stating the reason for my cancellation i will seek advice. Good luck with your viewing. X

Hope you get some answers, you could try the train, best holiday ever, no weight limits on luggage, no hanging around in stuffy airports!w

They have just rang my cruise has been reinstated. They will ail me a list of things to consider but i can still go if i agree… how kind NOT. I will update you x

Eh? This is nonsense. Is the holiday a river cruise? From what I’ve seen, river cruises arent great for mobility issues.

Ocean cruises are much, much different.

hope you are getting a FULL refund.

I’m sure you have already probably considered more than they can come up with! Glad it’s back on track.

UPDATE… riviera have now said i can go as long as i dont require there help & my insurance will get me home. In all honesty the whole trip booking has left a bad taste. I dont think i would feel comfortable she made it clear it would be put on my booking this had been explained too me …

Yes i have my deposit back but feel emotional not all passenger’s are asked can you walk 45 min unassisted so i feel discriminated it hurts.

THEY should have known this from the get go surely. I would talk to an ombudsman about it. this is discrimination and was it clear in their brochures? IF they have this policy (which i can understand), it should be CLEARLY MARKED on their brochure.

they are doing the old WHAT IF, policy. I could go on a river cruise as non disabled, and trip and fall and break a leg would they toss me over board…

i know several friends who have gone on cruises BECAUSE they were disabled friendly hun. they even took wheelchairs and one a small scooter. I would complain about this anyway, chat to that t.v. show. its DISGUSTING.

Send the river cruise offices this.

A list of companies WHO WANT US.
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