Should I book a holiday??..

Hi, I’m a limbo lander, have been since first attack 15months ago. Still living with symptoms of what I have been told came from the first attack. I do everything with caution now, even going to sleep for the night worries me. I know there will likely be another attack but I don’t know when & what it will do. I really want to book two nights in paris in may but because of the threat of another attack at anytime I’m scared to do it & book in advance for it. I could book it now & pay for it but what if something happens to me in the run up to it & then I’ve lost my money, so I’m trying to hold out & keep an eye on the price & availability for as long as I can. Knowing me I would book it the night before! What advise are any of you able to give? X

Holidays play a big part in my life and I feel I need one to relax.

Make sure you have the right insurance policy so at least your fears of an attack are covered. You can’t go through life wondering what might happen. If you enjoy/need a holiday then go for it.

My insurance policy is with insure and go. Make sure you’re covered for any worries that you have, then all you need to worry about is enjoying your holiday.

I agree with Mr Grumpy. Holidays also play a big part in my life and me and my husband usually try to go abroad two to three times a year. I am probably at the worse end of the scale re ms but try not to let anything stop me. I have very limited mobility so rely on a wheelchair most of the time, have problems with my hands especially gripping and have severe bladder problems so I am catheterised and waiting to have a supra-pubic catheter fitted into my stomach. Whener we go away I find that everbody is really helpful and we have met some life long friends who we keep in contact with and visit. My husband has just booked a holiday for us to go to Cyprus in April because I have been feeling a bit down lately. So anybody thinking of going abroad who is finding it a bit daunting just go for it.

Dont let anything stop you. We have booked malta in august today and anyway the sun is supposedly good for those with ms. If you do not have ms then it will occupy your mind with something to look forward to

Yes! Make sure you take out travel insurance, just incase, …no one can tell what life will throw at us, so live each day as it happens and try your best not to be afraid of what the future will bring…not always easy I know! No one can tell you whether you will be ok to go or not but life without a bit of adventure to look forward to…hmmm worth the risk? Personally, yes. A week after I was dx I booked a holiday to stay with a friend in France, my first holiday flight on my own…ever! Was scary but go glad I booked! Good luck with whatever you decide! Mish x

I have just booked 3 weeks in NZ/US for October before there was any talk of what I had potentially being MS. If I’m as I am now, I will be fine but life goes on and I don’t want to waste any able years I have by cancelling life on a “what if” basis.

Definitely book a holiday!! Since I was diagnosed last April, I’ve had a week in Spain and we’re going to Lake Garda in August for our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m also off to London for a theatre trip with my daughter in two weeks.

I just think that I’m blowed if I’m going to worry about what might or might not happen for the rest of my life. I just make sure I have a rest each day for a couple of hours on holiday. A week in the sun done me the power of good! Just make sure you take out travel insurance. Also, if I did start to feel a bit worse on holiday, well, it’s nothing that wouldn’t wait until I got home anyway. Relapses take their own time and if the worse came to it, we’d just hire a wheelchair or scooter.

So enjoy a holiday, it’s nice to have something to look forward to.


Is there any particular travel insurance we should be looking at with MS?

Only you can decide this. You worry about something that might not happen after all.

I work pretty much flat out six days a week so my holiday is something I really appreciate. When I book it I don’t usually tend to worry about ms. Anybody at all could be unwell at any time after all.

I’ve just booked a fortnight in Sri-Lanka for this Summer. It makes the daily treadmill seem more bearable.


Do it!

You might not be able to do it in a year’s time. But if you still can, do it again - and don’t stop until you have to.

If you give up now, you will always regret it.

I did four trips to the US after diagnosis. Now, I would have trouble getting onto a plane - I regret that I will never go back, but I did enjoy those trips, and I have the photos and memories.


If you search for ‘travel insurance MS’ on Google, there’s quite a few. I paid £17 last year for a week in Spain. Well worth it for the peace of mind! I’ll be going on my holidays as long as I can. I work full time as a practice manager in a gp’s surgery and my holidays are very important to me. I probably wouldn’t go anywhere to extreme, but a little research before hand and there’s still plenty of places to visit.

It was more of a pain, having to lug along a cool bag to take my Avonex injection. I had to get a letter from my gp as the injection has to go on the plane. Gatwick security took the whole bag apart! Malaga airport, nothing! But a small price to pay for a well earned holiday.