Deciding whether to fly home early from holiday

Hi all,

I’m currently on holiday in Menorca from UK with my family. Since arriving here on Thursday I’ve really gone downhill and for the first time since diagnosis I’ve had to buy a cane to walk, and even then I can’t get far (I’ve posted more details in another post). I’m staying inside in the air conditioned villa most of the day so that I keep cool. My dilemma is whether to fly home early, or seek medical treatment here in menorca, or neither. At the moment I’m thinking neither as any changes to my treatment plan won’t come until after an MRI (booked for 26 Jul) and steroids might help in the very short term (?) but make no difference in the longer term. I haven’t had steroids for ms relapse previously so unsure.

What else should I be considering in making this decision. Currently flights home are booked for 15 July.

Any help thinking this one through gratefully received. Jon

If it were me I’d have a complete ‘nothing’ day other than rest, look or have somebody to look at my travel insurance, check any wheelchair hire shops and make a clear decision when I’ve rested. Whatever you decide all best wishes!

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Thanks Charlie_Mac. Today has pretty much been a do nothing day, and same planned tomorrow. Travel Insurance is in place and I disclosed MS and answered the questions honestly so that should be fine. Flights home in next couple of days are available and only cost €40ish. I’ll take a look at wheelchair hire shops, thanks.

Stay strong and :four_leaf_clover:

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Stay where you are. I had my first episode back in 2000 in brazil. I went blind temp. anyway the doctor said i did not have a stroke but to talk to my doctor when i got home. i still had 3 days left of holiday.

My first instinct was to go home i was SCARED, i have to say.

But then my rational head sorted me out.

Its going to be hot here end of this week. The flight wiped you out, so for now just rest and let the MS sort itself out. If you fly home you will be on your own, and just as bad when you get back.

You still have 10 days left so i am sure you will be able to enjoy some or most of your holiday. go out early in the morning, and later in the evening when its cool.

Either way home or away you are going to be the same. xxxxx Honestly i cant be driven 30 minutes before it wipes me out lol. xxx

and yes see if you can borrow a wheelchair. xx

I used to be fine going on hols abroad, I couldn’t manage walking long distances and needed to pace myself, but the heat was not an issue at all, but now over the last couple of years even the slightest raise in temperature wipes me out completely, it doesnt even need to be hot & sunny just a muggy humid day can be a nightmare.

The difference on these types of days with my walking it so so much worse.
I read somewhere that just a difference of something like 1/4 to 1/2 degree raise in body temp can bring on a flare up.

I also get effected when I get chilly, but its a different type of symptom, more robotic in my walking, with heat it’s completely muscle fatigue, no power in my legs, not being able to lift them or stand up correctly.

Just try a chill out in a cool area for a day or two, it makes a difference.
This might sound odd, but take paracetamol to bring down your internal core temp, it helps me.

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Thanks Crazy Chick. Really helpful to hear your experience

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Thanks jactac, that’s helping me get a little perspective.

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Thanks both for your advice and support on this. It’s now a few days later and with some support from local doctor I’m in a better place and glad I didn’t rush home. Thanks again

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Great news, now try and enjoy the rest of your holiday, take some nice piccies lol. xxxxxx

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Hi there St Dom,
I am just going through a sodding relapse - dodgy right leg - still walking but not great - GP prescribed steroids - neurologist booked urgent MRI and said don’t take steroids before MRI as they might mix you!!!
Anyhow had the MRI today - I’ve already had 6-8- and this was the first one with taking Diazepan - I am thinking why oh why hadn’t I asked for diazepan before as it just made it so much easier - felt as though I was floating!!!
So now I am thinking had the MRI so I can now take the steroids- but do I need to- keep thinking that my leg is slightly better - not completely fixed but not as bad as it has been - just don’t unnecessarily want to take more meds - I know that they can increase appetite and so cause weight gain which I don’t want. Sorry for the slight hijak
Hope you get home safely and better soon. Enjoy the food
Hugs - not allowed anymore !!!
Min xx

I have an MRI soon and will have a few xanex left over so will probably take one as I’m not great with the MRIs

I don’t really know about the steroids. I don’t think I’ve ever had them for a relapse, I don’t think I’ve ever been offered them.

The last couple of days for me have been be a pretty significant improvement. I’ve gone from wondering if I need a wheelchair to walking a few hundred metres without the stick. Fingers crossed I continue to improve.

Hope you’re continuing to recover.

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Hi St Dom
Thanks for your reply

I don’t know much about Steroids as never taken them. Is there someone you could ask like GP MS nurse if they would help you?

Good luck
Min xx