Back in cold ouch' England.

Hi I’ve been catching up on posts, hope your all as good as can be expected.

Had a great 2weeks in the sun, hotel staff were very helpful and looked after me when my partner and son went off on their 2 manly excursions, I couldn’t scuba dive or even snorkel amongst the coral reef this year due to my lack of mobility so we chartered a glass bottom boat for a few hours, had 3 men helping me on & off the boats.

The hotel gave me the use of a wheelchair the whole time, free of charge, my meals were brought to my room on the couple of occasions I was too tired to go to the restaurants. All in all my 1st experience of a holiday abroad with mobility problems was much better than I expected.

Pauline x


sound like you had a real good time,pleased you enjoyed it.

J x

Hi Pauline, so glad it worked out so well. It’s make such a difference when staff are helpful.

Glass bottomed boat sounds amazing. Brilliant idea.

Take it easy now… give yourself time to recover.

Pat xx

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Sounds fantastic Pauline, well done for giving it a go!

Nina x

Sounds great Pauline, glad you enjoyed it, time to rest now.

Pam x

Wow! Well done you! Rest up now and bask in the memories and the sense of achievement.

Kev x


sounds like u had a good holiday x

where did you go?

i am always interested because my husband and i have been cruising for the last ten years but money running out now and need to find other suitable disabled friendly wheelchair scooter acceptable places

your help on this would be gratefully accepted

kind regards


Hi lozzie, I booked through a popular high street agent, they arranged the airport assistance, contacted the hotel via e-mail to ensure my mobility needs could be met, they did say I’d have to hire the wheelchair but they gave it to me free of charge. We holiday’d by the red sea in Egypt I’ve visited this region 4 times over the last few years at different hotels and always found staff go out of their way for their guests. I think making contact with the hotel prior to arrival worked to my advantage and will make sure the agent does this prior to my next hols. I also got the hotels e-mail address for myself in case I had any further queries.

Pauline xx

I am shattered didn’t anticipate the after effects but its not gonna stop me. I have a list of places to visit before/in case my mobility renders me more dependant on others which is scaring me of late.