Holiday to Rome. Scared by determined. Going on my own on march 1st.


I’m going to Rome on march 1st until 7th of march. Have booked my flights. I’ll be going on my own.

I want to travel alone as I want to see places I’ve read about for years. It’s been a long time dream of mine.

I thought that now is the time. My family have said: “that’s very brave of you.”

I’m not scared. Haven’t booked accommodation yet but have tried to use my brain and realized I can use the numerous metro stops to get around with a travel pass. This will save on walking. It will definitely be a mind over matter at times - as my legs aren’t as strong and I do get tired and the shaking begins ! lol

My dillemma is that it takes a lot longer for me to get ready and to get up and then there will be times I will want to come back to sleep during the day and take it easy. I want to pace myself.

I would love to hear any advice you guys may have for me and if you know of any friendly accommodation in and around Rome.? It would be very difficult if I tried to get back to the place of bed during the day and found myself locked out. How could I explain my predicament and would they understand?

Thank you for any help you could give me. I don’t smoke or drink and am very clean. Any help would be wonderful and of course I would pay anyone who could put me up somewhere quiet and safe.

Either way - I’m going. And only a direct meteorite hit will stop me.

I’ll be going for 6 nights.

Thank you

Robert Kelly.

good for you robert

its a fantastic feeling to do something on your own.

i went to festival no 6 at portmeirion last year. although i had a free ticket for a carer, nobody could come so i went alone.

i met some fabulous people and felt ALIVE!!!

carole x

Thank you Carole,

You’ve really given me positivity and encouragement. Thank you. Sometimes that’s worth more than anything. I am going to go.

When I was 19 - I went by myself to Israel. It was scary but good. Thank goodness Rome has a very good metro - so i can look at accommodation on the outskirts and a Roma Pass for the week will do the trick.

Thank you for your positivity :))))


I hope 2013 is wonderful for you.


Hi Robert. I am unable to give you any info, as i`ve not been to Rome, or anywhere abroad since becoming disabled.

However, i do wish you well and look forward to hearing how it went, when you get back.

I hope more people reply to your post. i would be interested in reading what they have to say.

luv Pollyx

Hi Robert, We went to Rome for our honeymoon in February and it is an amazing city - you will love it. My top tip would be to get a ticket for the city sightseeing bus. They are frequent, you can hop on and off as often as you wish and they drop you off right in front of the attractions so you wil not need to walk between them. We did the full tour on the first day without getting off so we could see all the hotspots and then decided where we wanted to spend more time. The roman forum and colosseum were amazing but very hilly and the pathways were not great so i’d take a stick if you use one. Vatican City was well set up and everything was in one place so easy to get around. There are lots of cafes/ pizzerias/ bars/ park benches so lots of opportunity to have a seat and people watch for a while. We stayed in Hotel delle nazioni which was right at the Trevi fountain and we got a really good deal through Expedia. On a travelling alone note, I travel lots on my own for work and my top tips would be to take less luggage than you think you can carry - it weighs more the more you lug it around and, again if you use a stick, take it with you. You can board planes and buses first and people are generally great at giving you a seat if you need it. Have an amazing time in Rome - very jealous! Roisin

I have being to Rome twice and before diagnosis (although on hindsight had ms…got stuck at mayan pyramid in Mexico!) Rome is a fantastic pkace to go on ur own as ther is so much to see and do…getting a tourist bus the first day is an excellent idea…do your sight seeing inthe earkier part of day when less busy…there r alot of stairs on metro at times so be careful of tiring urself out…I went to Rome in January and August…both time with ms and with someone…Jan was betterthan july as the heat was crippling…u can walk as far r little as u like as there r loads of street cafes and great people watching…march is an ideal time…there will b loads of others on their own so do nnot feel u stand out…we had a tourist book( name escapes me) which had top 20 sights…it was great…Rome was great…cant remember were we stayed but loads of good bandbs…My mobility is not great now but wud love to bring my 3 year okd when she is bigger…my husband and I loved it…go and have a great time…u will!x

Thank you. Very kind of you to take the time to reply and I have a lot of positive input now. I never thought about the steps - so I might focus on the buses now. Thank you for letting me know about that. I’ll still give it a go on the metro. :wink:

I really appreciate the kind replies and I will let you guys know who things went.

Peace and enlightenment to you in 2013. !


Hi Robert

I agree with those who have mentioned the hop on - hop off city tour, and about travelling light, it makes everythin so much easier. I didn’t go on the metro, so can’t comment. We stayed at the Hotel Modigliani, fairly central and not too expensive, but that was several years ago. I’m sure you will enjoy it - stunning in manny respects - antiquities, food etc.

B x

Thank you B :slight_smile:

Hi there - I went to Rome in February this year - it was my first ever holiday abroad- having MS made me realise that at the age of 53 I should see the world and lose the fear/terror of flying and travelling.

We stayed in a hotel near the railway staion and were able to walk to some of the sights and caught the hop on hop off tourist bus to get to others, we didnt even look at going on the metro as the tourist buses went everwhere that we wanted to go. I agree there were so many cafes to stop and have a rest, and enjoy the lovely italian food- and gelato!

It was a brilliant trip , some places were hilly and there were lots of cobbled streets so "sensible flat " shoes were needed- as if I ever wear any other sort these days !! the sights were really amazing and I am so glad that we went- in fact it has made me more determined to see places and now we have booked to go to New York in the spring !!

good luck and I am sure you will have a brilliant time

Judy x

Hi Robert

The hop on bus is a great idea, and it was the method that I was going to chose prior to me going to rome. However on the weekend we where there they where not available a public holiday , however the metro did the trick ,also take your stick, i was in the vatican museums and folk where quite inpolite, however again one of the stewards noticed me and directed me to a short cut to get out of the building, Have a great time and let us know how you get on it is something i would like to try before things get to bad.