Venice trip

Hi -

I have just booked to go to Venice for 5 days! Sounds great but now I’m wondering how i’ll get on there with MS!

Any one got any ideas?


Sue xx

Prioritise your sightseeing and have a look at a map of the city as you do so. Plan your highest priority "must see"s to do first, while you are fresh, one each day. Plan the "highly desirable"s to be done later each day, but try to plan them so you minimise travel between locations within Venice. Pace yourself, play each day by ear and accept that if you get too tired, you may have to change plans - being comfortable with that idea may help you find the energy to keep going!

I haven’t been to Venice but last month I had a few days in Italy and then a separate trip to Switzerland. I thoroughly enjoyed both, partly because on both trips, my travel companion gave me final say on how much we did each day. We stopped for lunch or coffee when I needed a rest, we returned to our accommodation when I’d had enough. I came back relaxed but not exhausted, and promising myself that I can always go back!

And as a firm believer in “plan for the worst and it won’t happen”, I don’t travel abroad without insurance. If you haven’t already got some, now is a good time to buy a policy!

Have a good trip.

Thanks Mitzi - that’s great advice. I will plan my days so that I don’t waste my energy.

The idea of staying in central Venice was to save walking and also to have a rest point.

Oh yes I must sort out my insurance!

Thanks again.


I loved Venice and I was fortunate to have visited 2 years before I was finally diagnosed with PPMS (although the signs were there). All I can I say is Mitzi’s advice is spot on. Take it easy and listen to your feet, as there is no public transport apart from the water taxi’s that cross the main waterways or the expensive gondla rides - so everything is on foot. The bridges crossing the canals have one or two steps - although the rialto bridge has a lot and no handrail, as it’s a series of mini shops. There are lots of places to stop for a drink and ice cream :slight_smile: and some fab places to eat that are off the beaten track (check trip advisor)

Have fun and enjoy it.

Reminds me of that tv advert for travel insurance. The woman says shes off to Venice, with the girls`. Lovely! Enjoy, you are more adventurous than me with m Blackpool holidays!

luv Pollx