travel tips?????

Hi, I am trying to plan a holiday with my husband who has MS and our teenage daughter. As you will all be aware, this is no mean feat, coz I can’t just pick a place to go and book it. I have to try and work out how difficult it will be to get around the airport, will the airport at the other end be accesible, will the hotel be on the top of a hill only accessed by donkeys, is it all too crazy to sort out and should we just camp in the back garden?

We’ve been left some money and want to spend it on a special holiday (not outrageous, just special!) and I wondered if anyone had any good ideas about places to go in the sun? My husband doesn’t currently use a w/c but steps, hills and excessive heat are not his best friends. He is ok flying and we don’t mind self catering or b and b. Current dream places are Skopelos or Lake Como!

Thanks for any advice/ideas

PS If anyone wants to fund a travel guide for people with MS, wewould love to do the research! lol

Hello, just wondered if you’d considered a cruise? There are some fabulous itinerary’s these days, and you don’t necessarily have to fly either, loads sail out from the UK now. Cruise ships are really easy to get around, plenty going on,especially on some of the bigger ships, even for a teenage daughter, and you wake up somewhere different every day! You can chose whether to do the shore excursions, or enjoy the relative space and peace of being on the ship whilst other have gone ashore. I’ve only done one cruise, but planning another next year hopefully, I wasn’t sure it would be for me, but am converted!

Obviously everyone’s symptoms and circumstances are unique so what works for one might not work for another. But if you wan a really helpful travel tips, go to Tripadvisor or any other travel forums here . Find a travel community with similar interests