Going on holiday anyone?

Has anyone got any ideas for a good resort for a summer holiday??? Has anyone been somewhere that is great for those who can’t walk much, yet hate the thought of an all-inclusive package??

My husband is load bearing (just) and gets about with a crutch. He can walk about 5-10 mins at a time and has lots of trouble on uneven surfaces because he can’t lift his left leg at all. Last year, we found a great little hotel on Corfu and had a couple of weeks there with our teenage kids-everything we needed was very close by.

Apart from having PPMS, my husband is a bit particular about his preferences with most things and I have learnt over the last 23 years that it is always easier to keep him happy primarily and then the kids, then myself!

He is hoping for a similar holiday to last year but doesn’t want to return to the same place- would like to explore somewhere new, hates the idea of all-inclusive, wants to laze around a bit combined with a few cultural excursions…but most all, it all has to involve minimal walking!

As for the kids: a pool, games room, beach…?

Anyone know anywhere?

I have Ms and earlier this year my hubby and I went to Playa Blanca a resort in Lanzarote. It was perfect, very flat for walking/ wheelchair. We stayed half board in the hotel Volcan it was fantastic. it was such a relaxing holiday we have booked to go again in November for two weeks. Our children have flown the nest but I did notice there seemed to be quite a bit going on for children. Where ever you decide to go have a great time. Karen

We have successfully holidayed at one (can’t recall exact name, sorry) of the Best (chain) of hotels in Cambrils, Costa Dorada, Spain. The edge of the hotel grounds is across the walkway (about 12 foot) from the beach - the great thing about Google earth/streetview is that you can have a good look at these places before commiting.

Hope you have a good time, B x

Thanks for these ideas! We researched a lot last year, using tripadvisor and tons of holiday websites extensively. I forgot to add that we are both teachers so we have to go away at the most expensive times of year. We tend to book late in the hope of getting a cheaper deal as it works out so expensive for a family of five (would be 6 but, thankfully, my eldest wants to go away with mates… yay!!). The research and searching part takes hours and hours, so I posted here in the hope of taking a short-cut through it all! I’d really love to visit Cuba and make it a ‘once in a lifetime, blow all the savings and suffer the consequences later’, kind of holiday but my husband is more financially cautious/anxious and doesn’t want to be reminded that his last chance of a non-wheelchair holiday may be fast approaching…

Thanks again for the ideas!

Hi, it`s been interesting for me to read your replies.

My holidays wont be anything as exotic (?) as Spain even! My hubby prefers campervanning in this country.

Just one thing I wanted to say…it may not be the first time you`ve heard it!

About the next holiday possibly being the last one your hubby takes as a non wheelie user…

well you know, when and if that time comes, i am sure your whole family will beneft from him using a wheelie part time. You and he will feel more refreshed and enjoy everything much more.

I promise!!! But it`s getting that over to him, I know.

So many people dread and shy away from even trying a wheelie. Once they have got over that hurdle, they see the benefits.

Anyway, that`s my twopennarth!

Enjoy your much deserved holiday.

luv Pollx

Went abroad first time for a number of years last year on a cruise. Now I would say we are not really cruise people, but it worked really well. Saw the fiords and even managed some excursions as they told you how much walking was involved (in some cases almost none.) No hassle and once you get to the cabin you have your own peace and quiet. Dont suppose this would work out with children though. Usually we go self-catering as it works out better than having the restrictions of a hotel. Plus we like to take our dog. More and more places in this country have pools, which is good if your children can swim.


Ooopsss… Sounds so exciting and interesting! Thank you all for the ideas you have shared in here. Vacationing in a tropical country is very desirable particularly by the beach, in the case where you don’t want to walk much, it’s the best place to be. Not only you’ll get the benefits of sunlight but also you’ll most likely will enjoy the sand, sun, water and serenity.