Holiday locations needed

Hi, wonder if anyone can help… We’re looking to go on a family holiday with my brother who suffers from Primary MS and looking to rent a villa (6 adults and 4 young children). It’s not so much the sourcing of a villa, but I want to ensure we get the area right. He was diagnosed 4 yrs ago and struggles with walking more than a mile or so, especially hills. I’ve been to various areas in Spain and Portugal on the south coast but nothing jumps out as being MS friendly and flat. The last thing I want is for him to feel excluded in any way. Ideal scenario would be a small resort/town with a few bars / restaurants and a child friendly beach nearby. If anyone can recommend areas or websites that I could research, I’d be really grateful. Thanks Helen

i like going to cala n bosch in menorca. theres a marina with places to eat,a few bars, 2 beaches,i could easily walk round the marina,on a night time,also playa blanca in lanzarote,theirs now a really long flat promenade and marina,and a few beaches to choose from.

jaki xx

Hi Helen Puerto pollensa in Majorca is fab. It’s flat, is small resort not a concrete jungle, has some lovely restaurants and the best beach. So child and ms friendly. We’ve been 4 times (all before I was diagnosed) but would go back today because I know it’s somewhere I could enjoy without any stress for me or those with me. Happy searching L x

I’ve found Cambrils, Spain a good palce to holiday.

These all look fab, think we may have to go for more than one hols! Thank you, you’ve just made things a whole lot easier!