I am 21 and have MS but I really want to go travelling..

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished university and was diagnosed with MS in my first term. Since diagnosis I have had one relapse which occured through a period of exam stress, optic neuritis. I am absolutely desperate to go travelling and I wondered if anyone else had been? My nurses said it was possible… that I will just have to ensure the majority of places I go have a fridge to keep my injections cool. Apparently my injections can also be delivered to me in other countries, which is great!!

Obviously I would absolutely love to go, but I worry about whether or not its realistically viable. It may be better to stay a few months in one place? Has anyone got any other ideas?

Thank you, hope everyone is well.


hi gb

will you be travelling alone?

i can’t really say much except that ms means we have to plan things well.

make sure you know where you’ll be staying each night. (i don’t know how adventurous you are but kipping on the beach is probably not a good idea)

my son went travelling when he finished his apprenticeship. he did 12 months in australia, staying in a flat overlooking sydney opera house with a couple of mates. then moved on to new zealand and was working on christchurch airport when the earthquake happened (he slept through it!). then called at thailand for a few weeks on his own.

make sure you have all the numbers for the embassy etc

i so regret not having travelled when i was young enough, so plan carefully, be safe and have a great time if you decide to go.

carole x

i did, just go for it! but take care, julien xx

Might be worth checking the performance of a portable cool bag/box container as a backup betweeen fridges. There should be a pictogram on the product to indicate how many hours it will take for the inside to go from 5c to 15c in an environment at 30c. If out on the move, in an emergency I guess you could replenish spent freezer blocks with a range of alternative coolants eg dry ice, sometimes available from icecream stores, frozen food products.