I am 21 and have MS but I really want to go travelling..

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished university and was diagnosed with MS in my first term. Since diagnosis I have had one relapse which occured through a period of exam stress, optic neuritis. I am absolutely desperate to go travelling and I wondered if anyone else had been? My nurses said it was possible… that I will just have to ensure the majority of places I go have a fridge to keep my injections cool. Apparently my injections can also be delivered to me in other countries, which is great!!

Obviously I would absolutely love to go, but I worry about whether or not its realistically viable. It may be better to stay a few months in one place? Has anyone got any other ideas?

Thank you, hope everyone is well.


I’ll give you one bit of advice I very gratefully have adhered to all my life. Never worry about doing something; only worry about not doing it; you may only get that one chance.


Nothing in life is realistically viable if you look at in detail.

No one would ever have children if you looked at the cost.

Ms is totally unpredictable but is life, so you go for it…now is the only sensible time in life to do it…before mortgages and stuff take over.

You never know you may choose to never come home if you like one place too much…my friend never left thailand when she went 30yrs ago.

Go and enjoy.


Id say go for it! Maybe it will take a little extra planning but it shouldnt be too difficult to plan out. How long does it take tham to get more medicine out to you and how much notice do they need about exactly where they are sending it…?

Perhaps you could travel freely whilst medicine stocks are high and settle somewhere when they get low to wait for your restock… then carry on freely once you get stocked up… ? That way you only need to properly plan the settled time… as you will know roughly when that needs to be by how much medicine you are going with.

Most places will have a fridge that you can store medicine in. I think you prob might need to take a prescription or letter about the medicines from dr just in case of any problems cause I know some airlines and countries can be funny if you dont have this… im sure someone else can shed more light on this!

Go for it. Nobody knows what the future brings. Make sure you are prepared for as many eventualities as you can and let your body be your guide Enjoy.


Thank you all so much! :slight_smile: xxx

Dont forget you can keep us entertained and jealous when you keep us up to speed with where you are and what your up to.

You can take the whole cyber army of supporters on here on a virtual holiday…Im looking forward to it already.


As the others have said, plan well then go. In ten/twenty years time if you haven’t been you will only wish you had.

Have a wonderful time and update us all when you get back.

Safe journey.


I’ll ask my wife - she travelled round the world after uni.


Go for it… you only live once and the saddest words in the English language are “If only…”

I have travelled as a single mum in a wheel chair. And had a great time. Don’t let having an illness stop you. BUT do make sure you have thorough travel insurance and carry a copy of all your med’s names, prescriptions and Dr’s details with you at all times. You can down load some pretty handy apps for this now and keep all the information on your smart phone. Make sure you also have copies of your Drs letters outlining the medications you have to take and keep that letter in with your travel documents.

Depending on which injectable you are on you might not even need to refrigerate them either. Copaxone, Betaferon and Rebif can each stay out of the fridge at room temperature for 30 days. But if you are on Avonex it can only stay at room temperature for 7 days. That might help with choosing your accommadation and destinations…

Plan carefully, do your research on where you are going, have some contingency plans in place in case things go wrong and then off you go and have a great time…



Oooh sounds fab, can i come with you? :slight_smile:

Hi gb

Yes go don’t let MS hold you back from anything you want to do. I was diagnosed initially at 19 but they thought I’d had my first symptoms at 4. I’ve travelled widely and lived in NZ, Suadi, Nigeria and Cameroon. I’ve climbed mountains and was a treking guide at one stage. I have several degrees and professional qualifications all done since diagnosis. I spent years abroad (undertaking both voluntary and paid work) and am really pleased I had these experiences. I’ve had children and am still working fulltime. Yes I’ve had relapses along the way, but I coped. I’ve experienced uptimes and downtimes. I’ve worried and then thrown caution to the wind. I’m in a wheelchair now but still work fulltime. If I wanted to do something I did it and refused to let MS dominate my life and that is what I would recommend to you. Go for it - the experience is amazing. Life is amazing.

(((((Hugs)))) Mary

Do it while you can and to hell with MS!

Brenda x